Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween fun with a cute craft and easy recipes.

I love crafting with the girls and finding ways to make their days more special. So when they have friends over to visit I like to do fun things for them as well. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest to make these mini pinatas for Kathleen and her friend who was coming over for a play date before we went trick or treating.

You will need:

*Toilet paper rolls (1 per child)
*White streamers
* String
*Small treats for inside (I chose lip balms, a light up ring and candy
*Wiggly eyes

We had fun getting them together. Basically wrap the toilet paper roll with the streamer. Taping the end helps to hold it on while winding the rest around. Fill with treasures, then tie string into a circle and place inside the bottom. Fill streamers in on bottom and can tape to secure. Glue on googly eyes and you're good to go! You can also attach a little card to the string if you'd like. When child is ready to open it, just pull the string and the treasures fall out :-)

This is a super cute idea and sooooo easy to do. Just something to put a smile on their faces. Kathleen is crushing oreos in the bag. Then we sprinkle on top of a chocolate pudding cup, add a candy pumpkin and a peep ghost and all set! Kathleen's friend was so cute, she kept asking if it was real dirt, etc. LOL, I assured her it was all fine to eat ;-)

                                Of course we had to make a big batch of yummy cookies too!

I printed out some free Halloween coloring pages for them, and they picked fruit punch to drink.
Also made some mummy hot dogs! We also had fruit and veggies but they don't make very exciting pictures. ;-)

Super easy, slice the hot dog into little arms and legs and wrap thin strips of crescent rolls around them and bake in the oven. They were a huge hit! Needless to say there were no left overs.

                                                They were tickled pink with the pinatas!

Kathleen went dressed as a 1950's era girl. We added on her makeup for when she was ready to leave.

                           I transformed my beautiful Hayley into Scar from the Lion King.
               First I teased her hair really good. Lots of practice from growing up in the 80's! LOL

      It was so strange watching her transform before my eyes... even though I was doing it, lol. We also sprayed her hair with black dye hair spray.

Hayley went trick or treating with a group of friends and then spent the night with her friend so waiting for her to come home. Kathleen got lots of candy and had a bunch of fun with her friend.

Jerry and I enjoyed some wine after Kathleen went to bed and then he passed out on the couch after 2 glasses, lol. Guess we're getting old!

Kathleen was super excited that the switch witch left her a Halloween Barbie doll in exchange for her candy. She did keep a few pieces of candy, but most of it she gave away.

Did you turn your clocks back today???? And so begins the quickly approaching winter months......



NanaDiana said...

Jill- What really GREAT pictures of your family..and I love the one of you and your hubby, too. I can see where your pretty girls get their looks from.
That is an amazing transformation with the "mask" face. WOW! Spooky really!
Your little Kathleen is just adorable all dressed up and I love that she traded her candy for a Witchy Barbie. Good choice, kiddo!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday night. xo Diana

Weekend-Windup said...

We would feel happy by seeing the things made by us rather than buying them. They look beautiful.Cookies are tasty. Both kids looks cute and they would have enjoyed their time...

Katie said...

Hi Jill, Thank you for your kind words and for loping at my blog. You are Miss Creative. Love the costumes!! And all the goodies you made. Can't wait to look around here. I have to get kids to school right now, darn it!! Love, Katie (:

Billie Jo said...

You are sooo crafty!!!
We made the Hot Dog Mummies too!
And loved them!
Love your Halloween fun, my friend.
Have a cozy, November day. : )

Jessy Skehan said...

You're such a creative Mom! We don't do much to celebrate Halloween here, but looking forward to seeing what you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas! The hot dogs and ghost snacks were super cute. And their costumes were awesome! Love Scar!

Carrie B. said...

Just love this Jill!!

Both of the Girls looked so awesome! That make up was incredible - great job Mom!

Your snacks looked so fun and I love how you did the mummy hot dogs different by making arms and legs. So cool!

And those little pinatas are brilliant! I may need to get Annie on those next year.

Thanks for sharing your adorable and so fun Halloween night & ideas. ;)

Tara said...

Those are the cutest mummy dogs I've ever seen. And you are amazing at makeup and hair. Truly amazing!!! Jill, you really made Halloween so special for your girls. I love peeking into your world, tara