Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kathleen Turns 10 Years Old!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is now in the double digit numbers. My sweet little blessing and miracle baby that surprised us after years of trying. Going from being told that I would never have children to having 2 incredible girls, I have been blessed beyond words.

From the moment I knew I was pregnant I had so much love for this new little life I would soon be meeting. Her feisty movements in my belly as I carried her let me know early she was head strong and going places, lol!

                  Her wonderment for life never ceases to amaze me, I love everything about her.

                   My mini me, my passionate dancer, singer, crafter, and so much  more.

She has always loved to pick me flowers from the yard and give them to me, just one of the many ways she shows me she loves me.

Her determination in everything she does is admirable and she makes me so very proud to be her mom.

           Watching her grow up has been such a joy to me, the laughter and silliness, so much love.

Kathleen, my beautiful baby girl, you are growing up so quickly I wish I could turn back time to slow it down. I love your giggles, laughter, smiles, your passion for everything you do in life. Your amazing huge and caring heart, how you help others, your love of animals, your talented crafting abilities, your artwork, your love of learning and so much more.

My heart is so full of pride and love for you and I wish you every happiness in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 10th birthday baby girl and many, many, many more to come. May each and every day bring you only good things and know you are loved more than you could ever possibly know.

Never stop smiling and enjoying all the little things around you and count your blessings every day!

                                                                  Love, Mommy


Susie Bryant said...

Happy birthday Kathleen!!

McVal said...

Awe! Love all the photos! Happy Birthday Kathleen!

Carrie B. said...

Happy birthday to Kathleen! She's such a Doll. Lovely words Jill. Blessings and a happy Thanksgiving to you all!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you, Kathleen! God bless you!

Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!
Your baby is a special blessing, just as our Flynn is.
Aren't we blessed?!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

aimee said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kathleen! I hope your day was fabulous:)
PS: Wishing you and ALL of your family a very blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Camille said...

SO precious! What a blessing she is! Happy 10th Birthday to your Kathleen. Hugs, Camille

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, you darling Kathleen is an amazing young lady. Happy Birthday to her. Love the photos.
Happy Thanksgiving xo

Carrie B. said...

PS: If you get a chance Jill - please pop by! I began a giveaway last week and it ends tomorrow night and I'd love for you to enter. I want to thank my blogland family for being such blessings to me and I want you to be part of that for a chance to win dear Friend. ;)
Blessings!! xo