Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review for Sound Intone Metal Earphones #i66

* I received these earphones for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review* All opinions are my own. *

I was given the opportunity to review these Sound Intone earphones and I received a brown pair, which is perfect since they are not a distraction from what I like to wear ;-). I really like the fact that they include 3 silicone rubber ear tips so you can adjust the size to fit your ear canal and it helps to reduce outside noise. 

Another feature I really like is the microphone built into the cord so you can answer calls without holding up your phone. Perfect for when you are exercising or doing different jobs around the house or yard. It's a very easy transfer from listening to the music and the ability to answer calls, that's a big plus! 

I found the cord fits easily into my daughter's PC, my Mac, our phones, ipods and even an old MP3 player we have. I enjoyed the quality of the sound and it certainly produces loud and clear media. 

My teenage daughter Hayley tried them out and loved them. In fact she has pretty much claimed them as her own, lol. She said they are perfect to use at school for her chrome book assignments. 

One thing that I feel could be better is how they sit inside your ears. I personally find them a little heavy causing them to come out when walking/running with them, which was a little frustrating. A couple times the sound shifted out of one ear and was difficult to hear, I had to readjust how it hooks into my phone to bring the sound back.  

However, they are reasonably priced and as far as sound quality they are very good and clear to hear. This includes trying them with music and being active, as well as sitting and listening to a movie. 
Overall I feel they are a great product and perfect to carry along in your purse, car, pockets, etc. :-)


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