Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review of RollinPets Slicker Dog Grooming Brush, starring my 4 dogs #SlickerDogGroomingWithFreeFleaCombAndBag

* I reviewed this product for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

When I was contacted to review this slicker brush from RollinPets, I was happy to give it a try. As most of you know who have been reading my blog awhile, I have 4 dogs and I'm always happy to find new products to try for them.

I really like the quality of the brushes and how it has a nice bag to keep them in with a draw string closure.

The handles are designed for a comfortable fit while using them. This time of year I didn't need to use the flea comb.  We also treat our dogs with monthly flea and tick protection. However it's quality is just as great as the brush.

When I asked Kathleen to give me a hand with the review, she was excited to do so. Our dogs love to play ball so it took a few minutes to catch them before we could get started, :-)

                This is Patches and he was determined to have her chase him as long as he could, lol.

          Finally we caught him, even though he was not going to give up his ball during the process.

Once he realized that getting brushed with the slicker dog grooming brush felt great, he sat down, but still wouldn't give up the ball, lol.

                               Bella was watching with curiosity from the corner of the fence.

Then she decided to come over and see what it was  all about. They are getting groomed on Tuesday, so it works out good that the brush arrived before then because they get their hair done fairly short. Patches was really enjoying it. He tends to have dry skin, and we were quite pleased with how much hair and dry skin it helped to remove!

                                              As you can see here, it works really well!

           What?! Patches finally dropped the ball to just enjoy the brushing? That says a lot! ;-)

                                           Next we had to give Bella's fluffy curls a try!

As you can see on top of her head it did help to fluff it up and remove hair. Also went through some tangles fairly well. We just pulled up those parts of the hair and worked through it a small section at a time.

This is Owen.... Mr. spoiled rotten himself... once he realized how good it felt he kept rolling on his back so we could brush his belly.

And this little guy, last but not least is Skippy and he is not much for staying still and giving good photo opportunities, lol. He enjoyed the brush also and I was surprised at how much came out as his hair is fairly short.

                     Owen kept getting jealous and was trying to get the brush from Kathleen.

Overall I am really happy with this product. It works wonderful and as you can see my dogs were quite happy with it as well. I would definitely recommend it! :-)  Thanks to RollinPets for the opportunity to review a great product!


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Gina said...

Jill, love the pictures. The puppies look like they are smiling just like Kathleen! Ah...brushing! :-)