Monday, December 21, 2015

An unplanned new furry family member :-)

So... unexpectedly we found ourselves at the animal shelter during a holiday adoption event.....
This is Tess, her original name when we met her... now known to us as Mirabelle.

We had no plans to get a new pet.... but someone she found us, and into our hearts. We worried that Elvis wouldn't like her.

When we brought her home, she adjusted pretty quickly and is so very loving. Animals definitely know when you are trying to help them.

                                       In a short time she has captured all our hearts.

                                   She has also made herself quite at home on our bed, lol.

                                          Elvis watching from my reading chair......

He is quite happy we bought a new cat climber for them both to enjoy. As you can see they have a perfect view of the bird feeder from the window ;-)

    We were quite surprised Elvis let her share his space under the tree! It's his favorite place to be!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. We don't always know the whys of it, but it all seems to fall into place just the way it should.

                                                              And peacefully they sleep.....


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