Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve Craft and Traditions

Hello! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Each Christmas Eve; I've always written a little note for the girls and left it outside their bedroom door. They always sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve and this year Kathleen slept in Hayley's room on her futon. I also like to plan a craft and some type of activity or special for the day. This is the letter I wrote for them this year with a couple of quick pictures. Just a little something to start the day :-)

This was Bobalina's last night and she set up the tea set for us to have a tea party and left behind a few M & M's!

 Wouldn't be Christmas Eve morning without hot cocoa and whipped cream! So delicious and only for this day of the year and Christmas!

Santa tracker was happening at our house too! Kathleen was so excited and kept checking it throughout the day.

We found a cute idea on Pinterest for our craft this year. Kathleen liked both ideas so she did 2 pictures.

The first required painting the bottoms of her feet which later became the body of 2 mice. She was laughing and giggling the whole time I painted her feet!

Here's the final pictures! The Santa one was done with fingers and thumbs in the paint and then filled in with marker in a couple areas. They turned out really cute!

              Hayley added a night sky to hers and I really love how the colors turned out on it.

      Jerry's work gets out early on Christmas Eve so we went out for awhile and had a nice lunch. He's getting better using the selfie stick to take group pictures, lol. ;-)

Later when we arrived home we watched a few of our favorite Christmas movies :-) Polar Express was one and Mirabelle was just hanging out with us happy as can be!

               Girls had their new Christmas pajamas on, a tradition to get a new pair every year!

We always choose a couple of gifts to exchange on Christmas Eve and the girls exchange theirs with each other. Kathleen got Hayley this cute Minion shirt.

        And Hayley got Kathleen this Elvis Presley ornament. Kathleen loves listening to his songs.

Another tradition is to read The Night Before Christmas! We read it to Hayley, Hayley read it to us, then Kathleen and now Kathleen reads it to all of us. :-)

          Elvis enjoys listening to it also as he lays under the tree, one of his favorite spots to be!

                                           Jerry was pretty tired out and had a little cat nap. ;-)

Kathleen wrote her note for Santa, she was a little upset this year because we couldn't find the pickle ornament for the tree. There were a few items we couldn't find this year. When we pack up after New Years we will reorganize and donate a few things and hopefully find it then.

                   I think it's cute how Elf in the back ground on the TV just happened to photo bomb them                                                                       in this picture, lol!

                                                      All ready for Santa's arrival!



Linda said...

I love the foot pictures!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Jill
Christmas at your house looks like allot of fun! The girls are growing up so fast...
Happy New Year...I look forward to following you in 2016.


Barb said...

Hi Jill!

What a fun Christmas Eve! I absolutely love the foot print mice, so adorable! The reindeer were cute too, such fun ideas.

What a beautiful family you have! I think it's really important to document some of those fun moments, and you have done a great job at that. I love traditions, and I can see that your girls love them too . . . they will be passed on through the generations!

Your home looked so cozy and warm! I hope your new year will be very blessed!


Carrie B. said...

Oh what fun Jill!! I felt just like one of your family as I read - following your tradition throughout the day. ;) I LOVE the fun artwork you guys did. They turned out so adorable.

Looks like it was a picture perfect Christmas. That Elf bombing photo made me giggle right out loud! Lol

Wishing you all a very blessed and beautiful 2016 dear blogland Friend! So grateful for you. xoxo

~ Noelle said...

Ok m sure yall had a wonderful Christmas. Love the traditions and memories yall are creating. Happy New Year!