Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!

Back to what I love....blogging about family happenings and there has been so much going on to keep us busy! This is the last week of school for both the girls so we are getting caught up on homeschooling and testing and getting ready for the brand new year! I have a whole to do list of things around the house I'd like to do while we have 2 weeks off!! :-)

We set up our Christmas tree when we got home from visiting family in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I was a part of the decorating, but again behind the camera :-)

Usually we set up 2 trees, one being in our guest room; but this year just keeping it to one, since no one will be out to visit. :-(

                               Jerry climbing under to place the skirt around the tree. :-)

Decorating and reminiscing about what all the ornaments mean to our family and how we got them.

Standing on the arm of the couch to hang ornaments... don't recommend trying this at home! LOL.

                          It was Hayley's turn this year to place the angel on top of the tree.

If you watched Kathleen's YouTube video you saw the review of her new Monster High doll Astranova, it is freaky how it hangs from the stand with no strings, etc. Hayley was cracking us up so I had to include this lovely photo face in the background, lol.

Our precious Elvis is so happy the tree is up. He loves laying underneath it and each night he waits for us to light it. He's such a good cat, he never climbs in it or bats at the ornaments.

One of the benefits of Jerry's job is tickets here and there to games. His best friend Chip from MD. drove up and stayed overnight to see the Ravens VS. The Browns in Cleveland. They had an awesome time and made some great memories.

                        Too many Browns on these tickets, lol... as you all know we're Raven fans!

Our Advent calendars always include chocolate surprises for the girls each year. The excitement of the season and counting down to the big day.

                                               Bobalina is back to celebrate with us too!

Kathleen keeps this reindeer outside her bedroom door to keep track of the days till Christmas Day!

We went shopping the other day for groceries and of course turned it into a math lesson. She brought her new doll Mary ellen with her that she got from my parents for her birthday.

I like how this photo captures the tree in the reflection of the mirror and Kathleen's big smile wearing the Ravens hat! :-)

                                          Sneaky little Bobalina seems to turn up everywhere!

We did have one day of snow, but luckily it melted by late morning and didn't amount to much. I've been super happy the last few days have been quite warm!

                                        Christmas time means cute hair bows and styles!

Our chickens are laying smaller eggs some days, I'm guessing it's due to the colder temperatures.

    Love this saying, so much truth in it. I'm so blessed to have my family and I treasure that every day!

                                    Bobalina crashed in the tree while flying one night!

                                 We went to a local mall and spent some time with Santa ;-)

                                    Was able to get a great picture of him and the girls!

We picked a nice day on the weekend to put our snow fence up this year. That was quite a chore, took me, Jerry and Hayley to get it done. While Jerry was setting one of the posts the big metal thing that you place over it to hammer it down, it has handles... can't think of the name.... anyway it slipped off and hit him on top of the head leaving a large bump. He was of course too stubborn to get it looked at even though it about knocked him out. He wouldn't listen to me about ice so I went in and told Kathleen and she insisted on making him a bag of ice and having him wear it under his hat for awhile. To this day he still has a small bump and bruise. Men can be so stubborn! Ugh! It about knocked him out, head injuries are nothing to fool around with. Especially after what we just went through with Hayley!

In case you are not familiar with a snow fence, it is put up a few feet from your driveway to help prevent the snow from drifting into the driveway and having it close off. That happened to us a lot last year. And due to the accident last December we weren't able to get one up. Hoping it will help this year.

     Each year we give the girls a little gift early. Usually their ornaments and Christmas pajamas.

We found this awesome ornament for Hayley from Hallmark. It's a record player and you can actually play the 3 records included with it of old time Christmas carols. She absolutely loves it! She plans to keep it out in her room after Christmas is over.

    This year with her Christmas pajamas Kathleen got an eye mask. It's an adorable Rudolph set!

Hayley loves everything to do with Disney so we got her a vintage Minnie and Mickey pajama set. We found these at JCPenney's.

Kathleen's we found at Target and she also has an Elf on the Shelf pair she wanted so will have pictures in those closer to Christmas. :-)

Speaking of Elf on the Shelf, we picked up her Reindeer pet and a suitcase of new t-shirts for her. The reindeer comes with a special storybook also. It's a really cute story and Kathleen was so excited to get it.

                                               She just had to read it to us right away!

Every year for as long as we've been together Jerry gets me the Lancome and/or Estee Lauder gift sets for Christmas. I enjoy good quality makeup, but don't always have the budget for it through the year. These sets come with such great products and they last a long time! Thanks Jerry for spoiling me each year :-) He gave them to me early this year to enjoy.

                           Off to get some more things done today! Thanks for stopping by :-)



Billie Jo said...

So loved this, Jill!
Your tree is beautiful...and I love the family love that went into it.
Love the jammies of course!
And your little one's hair in her ponytails!
Enjoy the rest of the season, my friend! : )

Sonya Ann said...

YOu have a beautiful tree and adorable family!!!!
We always get a real tree and this year we got a dud. I've never said that before. It does nothing but drop needles. I told Den to give it a shake before I vacuumed and he said he didn't think it would be a good idea since all we would have left was a stick. LOL

Vee said...

Wow! How do you get Blogger to upload all your pics? Quite amazing to see them all. Hope that your snow fence works as it is supposed to. Living out in the country as you do, I am sure that it comes in handy. Blessed gals to have some early presents. My favorite pic is of the dolly who looks so much like her mama!

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks wonderfully like Christmas at your house! Everything is very beautiful and pretty! Happy Christmas! xx

Blondie's Journal said...


It's so great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. It's sad and Ironic that I lost my cousin to cancer the day before yesterday, we will be going to the wake tomorrow. I'm heartbroken when someone dies way too soon. Cancer is so random. I think research (and prayers) is our only hope.

On a good note- LOVE your blog! I can see that family is everything to you. Your girls are so precious and Jerry looks like he's a lot of fun. I had to laugh at the candid shots (!!) of him working on the tree! lol! And Elvis, .how precious. My pups like to sleep under the tree, too, after they lap up the water in the stand!

I can only imagine how much work it is to put up a snow fence. We live near a university and there is a huge one there to keep the snow from blowing in the open areas of the campus on to busy streets. Doesn't look like we are going to have a lot of snow this winter but who knows. Are you in Cleveland?

Thanks again for visiting. I'll definitely be back!!

Happy Holidays,

Jane x

Gina said...

Jill, What a sweet medley of Christmas-y photographs! I'm behind in everything but we did get our tree on Monday. God bless!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

A beautiful tree and beautiful family! I've never seen a snow fence, but it makes perfect sense! I've seen similar on the beach to keep back the dunes. Looks like you are all ready for Christmas. Love your sweet kitty just soaking up the blessings! Hope your hubby is ok. We have one of those fence post setters and they are heavy! Hugs xo Karen

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jill, wonderful post building up to Christmas. Your tree is gorgeous and I always enjoy to read about the adventures at your house. Hope the snow fence helps this year but sorry your hubby got hit in the head. You are right, nothing to fool around with. Hope he is okay and healing.
What a sweet pic of your kitty under the tree. So cozy. So enjoyed catching up and all the great photos of your beautiful family.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all good wishes in the new year! Blessings. xo

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

Such sweet photos and I love your husbands idea of giving you quality face products as they are so expensive! Blessed Christmas to you and your family!