Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review and Coupon Code for Perfect Brows Botanical Styling Primer and Growth Balm from Green Touch Beauty #perfectbrows

           * I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

I was contacted to review this great eyebrow product and you can find it on Amazon from Green Touch Beauty called perfect brows. This is a botanical styling primer and growth balm that also helps to stimulate hair regrowth by improving the density of existing eyebrows (within 2-6 months of regular use). It can also be used to tint the brows in either a light color or a slightly darker color, which is great for brunettes.

It comes in a lovely glass container with a small application brush. I tried it myself and then had Hayley try it as well as her eyebrows can get a little unruly at times, lol. ;-) She liked the idea of it so she modeled for the pictures.

                 When ready to use simply run the brush through the primer and apply to your brows.

Since we wanted to give it a try as a primer we used our own eyebrow brush to help shape them the way we wanted to. The balm has a light, nice smell, nothing overpowering like some products can be. We both tend to have sensitive skin and we didn't have any issues using this product.

Here Hayley is applying a small amount throughout her brow area with the small brush. You can leave it on for at least 10 minutes and then rinse, or for a better effect just leave it on to absorb throughout the day. It is made with 100% organic ingredients, it's 100% natural, vitamin enriched, no mineral oil, no parabens and no hormones. This is important to my family and I when choosing beauty products.

                             You can see in this photo Hayley's brow is starting to take shape.

                               This photo of her brows was taken before the balm was applied.

                     This is after as it became easier to style them and have them stay in place.

                      It did a great job "taming" them and keeping them in place throughout the day.

I'm quite pleased with the product and so is Hayley and we are looking forward to seeing the long term results. There is quite a bit in the container and you only need a small amount each day so it will last quite a long time. If you'd like to give it a try or know someone who would, follow the link above and Green Touch Beauty is offering 20% off on your order :-) Use this code at the checkout: K8RA38QY.


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Hayley is a sport and she has the most amazing deep blue eyes! Gorgeous!