Friday, December 11, 2015

Visiting Family and Friends and Thanksgiving Wrap Up

It was so nice to be able to visit family and friends back home. The hardest part being we couldn't possibly see everyone we wanted too as there was just not enough time. We treasured the moments we did have. One of our stops was at one of my best friend's house. I've known her since we were 3 and now our children have grown up together. She is also Kathleen's Godmother. She has these adorable cupcakes for us when we went to visit and made us a nice meal.

                                                     These cupcakes were delicious!!!

                             They gave her a birthday gift of her favorite.... Monster High!

                                                                 Super cool pillow and.....

                                                                  Awesome PJ'S!


     Love this picture of the 4 of them...Hayley, Caitlin, Kathleen and Colin!
We had such a great visiting them, just goes by way too fast.

The girls were happy to spend time with Ashley, who they call their cousin and we call our niece even though there is no relation by blood. We love her and her brother Alex very much! Alex doesn't live in the area anymore so we didn't get to see him. :-(

We were also super happy to see our niece Gabby! As you can see her and Hayley have quite a resemblence! She is Jerry's twin brother's daughter. Unfortunately we didn't get to see her brother Logan on this visit, hopefully next time. We went to Pink Spoon and then the Hungry Parrot for pizza and games. :-)

I have to share these photos as they are just too funny of Jerry trying to figure out a selfie stick lol.
He is so intent on trying to figure it out.


                                     Kathleen and Gabby having fun at the hungry parrot.

                          Gabby is older than Hayley and once upon a time she was actually taller! ;-)

     One of Kathleen's requests for her birthday dinner was to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Another family we miss a bunch we had a little time with when we traveled back to PA. Hayley and Maci have known each other since they were 5 years old in Daisy Scouts. We all became close friends and have been ever since. We used to get together at least once a month if not more, we miss those days! While our family is in MD. we traveled to PA. to see some people from where we lived the last 9 years. We did a lot of traveling in one week.

Our niece Neve let me get a picture when others weren't around and I just love how it turned out!! Miss you girl so much and we love you!!! (Hope you are reading this post!)

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a special birthday shirt for the birthday girl!

Another comfort of traveling "home" was finding Ravens gear in all the stores!!! We can't get that where we live now.

                                 P.J.'s from Aunt Teresa and Uncle Sheldon fit perfectly!

Hayley's best friend Breanne was able to come out and spend a couple days with us too. Always a pleasure to have around!

We also visited with Hayley's ex-boyfriend and his family at their house. We still consider them dear friends and some how we forgot to get pictures when we were there as we were so busy catching up! They made us the nicest brunch while we were there and had such wonderful company and conversation!

We also had some time to visit with Jerry's twin brother Garry. Hayley had Garry wear Logan's glasses as it was funny how similar all the glasses are that they each picked out. Three peas in a pod right there!

Hayley had some time visiting with her friend Taylor, her sister Hailey is Kathleen's best friends and they all went to school together.

Our neighbors where we used to live came to visit at my mom and dad's house. Harry's birthday is close to Kathleen's so we got a cake to celebrate with them. He likes the Eagles and Kathleen likes the Ravens so they each got a ring. :-) You can see the irony of where the 1 and the 0 are placed. ;-)

Really miss this crew too. Watched them grow up together and they will always be family to us.

We had some time to visit cousins and my aunt and uncle. The girl's great aunt and uncle. :-) They also had a really nice meal for us and it was so nice being able to visit with them for the day.

                         Our dogs really enjoyed hanging out at Nana and PopPop's house too :-)

                              Another lovely setting around my mom's table for Thanksgiving.

                                 A little sneak peek of all the delicious food we had that day!

                          Jerry did an amazing job cooking a delicious turkey for all of us. :-)

My sister brought over a delicious wine. It was the first time I tried it and I really liked it. ;-)

                         We made sure the dogs enjoyed some of the turkey with us also. :-) So many more pictures I wanted to take, but it truly flew by and we were just enjoying everyone's company and the time together. Next time we hope to see more of our family and friends and hope they come to visit us in the mean time.

On our drive home Owen was very interested in Kathleen's cupcakes! LOL. He was giving her the stare down.

                                                 Who me???? Totally innocent face..... ;-)

It was a long trip back with foggy conditions and a few car accidents that caused back up. But it was all worth it to get some time with our loved ones again. Just wish we could have seen everyone, not sure when we will get back down there. Hayley's friend and our neighbor a few doors down took excellent care of our chickens while we were gone. We are so thankful to him for that! Until next time!



Beatrice Euphemie said...

It's so wonderful to spend precious time with family and friends, especially during the holidays. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Lovely thanksgiving table and sweet photos. I know it must be hard to live so far away. Hugs xo Karen

Amy at love made my home said...

So good to see your special loved ones and to be able to spend time with them!! You made a wonderful time of your trip and will treasure the memories I am sure! xx

Carrie B. said...

What a wonderful reunion with family and friends Jill! What this whole holiday season is about -precious family time and memories. Thanks for sharing such fun photos. The selfie stick ones gave me a good giggle! Lol I am amazed how much Hayley and her cousin do look alike. ;)
Blessings dear Friend. xoox

~ Noelle said...

looks like yall were busy and on the go the whole time... but those memories are worth it :)
i loved the selfie stick photos... needed a good laugh :)