Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, Homeschooling, Curious Cats and Dancer of the Month!

First official post of the new year, not counting my recent book review :-)! We enjoyed a quiet, relaxing new year; just the four of us together. Of course New year's Eve has to include Dick Clark's Rockin Eve! I'm so sad he's no longer with us... but it's a tradition of watching we will continue. Hayley totally rocked out when One direction appeared on the screen but she wouldn't be too happy if I posted those pictures of her, lol. Love you Hayley... I spared you this time! ;-)

Kathleen was all smiles with her New year head band!

I made sure we started the new year off right by bundling up and taking our 4 dogs for a 4 mile walk around the lake in 25 degree temperatures :-) Jerry and the girls I convinced to come along too!

Little Bella (white one) was my walking partner. She still gets skittish seeing new people and other dogs, though she's come a long way. She decided each time someone new went by she'd jump between my legs and about trip me, lol. Luckily I kept my balance... would not be cool to fall on my face and be all skinned up for the new year!

She also wasn't a fan of the bridge we had to cross so Jerry with Patches and Hayley with Skippy had a good start on us.

Mirabelle has really fit in well, it's like she's always been here. She loves sleeping with Kathleen at night.

This was our first week back to homeschooling and we were a little tired to say the least! Kathleen turned into a contortionist over the break apparently, lol! Wearing her comfy PJ's with a jacket because it gets cold in front of our wall of windows in the den. :-)

                          Mirabelle and Elvis hanging out together on Kathleen's bed :-)

Apparently Mirabelle is fascinated with our printer. Each time we are printing things she comes tearing in to bat at it and then sits back and watches the pages coming out. Looks like we now have two mascots for our home school room! Of and books aren't always on the floor I was in the process of sorting them for our lessons that day.

                           Elvis is enjoying the new bed we keep at the top of the stairs for them.

The month started out even better when we found out Kathleen was chosen as Dancer of the month with her dance school! We get the sign for the whole month to keep in our yard to let everyone know :-) We are so very proud of her! She was so excited and rightfully so! She works hard and is a beautiful dancer, with lovely lines. I hope she stays with it for many years to come.

She made me this neat little heart and fills it with little notes for me each day. We have such a great time when we do our schooling. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

That's all for now! Lots to catch up with in the new year and I am planning more posts on organization, recipes, crafts and more! This weekend we are doing a lot of decluttering and organizing. Also taking down the Christmas decorations and I know the house is going to feel so empty after we do. Going to take advice from Mirabelle here and try to rest this evening since I have a very busy weekend ahead.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens"   --Carl Jung



Linda said...

What a lovely start to your new year!!! Your daughter is adorable and you have the cutest critters EVER!!! Those cats are exceptionally beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Kathleen! Love all the pics. Happy pets!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Fun photos of the start to your New Year! Congratulations on Kathleen's dancing nomination!

Billie Jo said...

Congratulations to your little dancer!
And I agree...homeschooling is wonderful!
Happy New Year, my friend. : )

McVal said...

Congrats to Kathleen!!!

My sisters and I used to stay up late on New Years Eve and listen to KC Kasem's countdown. Wondering which song to be #1 for that prior year! We always hoped it would be our favorite song. We'd camp out in sleeping bags in a sister's room listening in the dark, singing along with most. Nowadays, IF we're interested, we'd just google "top song 2015" the next day...

~ Noelle said...

I bet yall are all very proud to have that sign in your yard.
Happy New Year!

Amy at love made my home said...

The cats look so happy don't they! Congratulations Kathleen on being such a great dancer! xx

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, it's always so much fun to visit you and the adventures with your family. Looks like a happy new year for all. Love the walking trail you all took and congrats to your little dancer!!! She is so talented.
Your fur babies are adorable and I love seeing your kitty enjoying the printer. Too cute.
Wishing you a wonderful new year and all the best to your family.
Celeste xo

Barb said...

Hi Jill!

I loved opening your post and seeing that sweet little smile, with her beautiful red hair! Congrats to her for being, dancer of the month!

Sounds like you had a fun new year celebration. Ours was quiet, since Dick Clark passed away, it's just not the same watching the ball drop . . .:0(

Your little furry friends are just adorable! I love cats, but because of allergies, I can't have them in my home, I would have too many if I could! They really do make me smile!

Have a wonderful week-end!


Sonya Ann said...

Seems like you are off to a good start! And its good that you didn't start the year off skinned up!
Our cat loves to attack the printer while it spits our paper. Ugh. That cat loves to attack everything. LOL