Thursday, January 14, 2016

Organizing and a Hospital Trip

"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned"  Benjamin Franklin

January always seems like the best time to organize our homes as it is a brand new year full of possibilities. I try to keep up with it throughout the year so it doesn't get so overwhelming and I've always been one to keep things neat and tidy. Through the years of having pets and then our girls I've quickly learned about being more flexible, though still determined to teach them how important good organization is. :-)

Moving from our larger home to this one has created challenges adjusting to space we just don't have anymore. So although I don't miss cleaning the size of our old home, I miss the storage and extra space! I have 2 small pantries in this home but it never seems to be enough because I have a few appliances like my blender, juicer, etc. I keep there on my shelves. We brought up one of our shelves we had for books at our other house from the basement to place it in our laundry room. The dogs things are also in the laundry room, it's a decent size so I wanted to cover what I was storing there to keep down on the dust and make it more visually appealing. I went to the local dollar store and bought a tension rod to place inside the shelf at the top and added a neutral long curtain and it worked perfectly. :-)

It's easy to pull back or slide to the side to get the things I need. I like to stock up on some products and this is a perfect "overflow" shelf for those items. Like teas, coffees, storage bags, my mason jars, etc. Kathleen is my little Vanna White :-)

It's also that time to pack up our Christmas decorations. I like to sort them into labelled bins so that when we get them out each year we know easily which ones are ours to place on the tree. Plus they are less likely to get broken carefully placed in smaller containers.

                                     Elvis is in denial that the tree will be taken down soon!

           Mirabelle is intently watching us, lol. Notice the lovely snowy weather out the window? Ugh!

Then I take the smaller bins and place them in a large see through container and we store them on shelves in our basement. I really like using see through containers and knowing what's inside. For the ones that are solid colored I will use marker or label tape to sort them. Sometimes the labels fall off so not always my favorite option.

 In the midst of us beginning to organize, Jerry was in the garage and was going to get some things from the attic and we have pull down stairs. As he opened it up he went to reach for something and the stairs must not have been latched and they fell down on his head knocking him to the ground and almost knocking him unconscious. It hit the back and front of his head and he got a huge gash. This is worse then it looks but he had been trying to hold it close while I drove him there. We are 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital here. They were worried about a fracture or brain bleed so they had to do a cat scan. Luckily the cat scan came back OK but he is in a lot of pain. We keep teasing him about being hard headed and I guess this proves it, lol. Sure gave us a scare though and it's always tough being here on our own when something like this happens. I am so grateful it wasn't a more serious injury.

When we lived in NC he was badly injured at work when a 150 pound truss pole (they hold the trusses up after they are built) came down and struck him in the shoulder and temple and knocked him out. They said it was luckily it hit some of his shoulder as well. He had skull fractures and a concussion and was laid up for awhile. The doctors were amazed it didn't kill him. Again we were there in NC just the two of us and it was hard without anyone there. Just one of many reasons I am thankful for every single day because you just don't know what each day brings.

He has stitches, still sore and now his eye is black, but he is recovering well and stubborn as ever. :-)

More organizing posts to come, we are currently pulling things out in the basement and are sorting, donating and reorganizing everything. It will be our project for a few weeks! Since the accident last year it made it hard to get unpacked and sorted. Plus there are lots of updates we'd like to do to this house as it's still pretty outdated (built in the 90's) but we didn't win the lottery so some of those projects will take time, lol. Keeping a tight budget is important when you are on a one family income. :-)



Billie Jo said...

Jill...I'm sorry!
So glad he is ok!!!!
And I love organizing posts! : )

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Poor Jerry. I hope he feels better soon and his gash heals well.

Love your Little Miss Vanna White picture! Very smart to cover up the pantry goodies!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear about Jerry getting hit by the pull down stairs. Poor guy. That sure looks like a bad gash on his head. Saying a prayer he recovers well and the pain subsides. I know each day is precious and we just never know what could happen.

All your organizing is so wonderful. Love the pantry shelving and the curtain coverup. Kathleen is a great helper showing how it works.I have been doing the same here and went through my studio and store room pulling everything in order and purging lots of stuff I don't need.

Take good care and enjoy a nice weekend. Blessings, xo

Jodee said...

Thanks for stopping by tonight! It's so nice to meet you!

Love, love, love your organizational pictures and labeled boxes! Pretty please come to my house and help me. Our house looks like a fraternity party most days! UGH!

Once spring weather arrives, it will motivate me to declutter and organize more!

Kris said...

Oh my gosh Jill! Poor Jerry!! That sure could have been much worse! He was lucky! Looked painful! Ouch!!!
I love the way you store your ornaments. So clever!!! Mine is already packed, but maybe next year I will do that!
xo Kris

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, wow...poor Jerry. He's lucky it wasn't worse but still--this is pretty bad.

I really appreciate your organizing ideas...I have a lot of ideas but can't seem to get into gear! lol! Maybe I just need a little breathing space after the holidays and then tackle it. But you are inspiring, thank you! And thanks for your visit!

Jane xxx

Amy at love made my home said...

Ohhh, poor Jerry! I hope that he will be all OK very soon. xx

Sheila said...

Love your organizing tips. I miss our basement in Pennsyvania--so much storage down there! It is so hard living away from family sometimes. Prayers for Jerry's continued recovery. Your Vanna White is cute! Take care!

Stephanie said...

Good morning, Jill! First of all I just love the new look of your blog! It's very sweet and charming :)

And secondly, LOVE the organizing tips. What a great idea to put everyone's ornaments in their own box. I will definitely have to remember that :)

So sorry about Jerry! I hope he is feeling better.

Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

Barb said...

Oh my goodness, I hope that he is doing better and that he has a quick recovery! What a scary experience for you and the girls! You will all be in my prayers.

I need to get organized, it's something that I keep putting off. I love see through bins, they sure do make life easier. Your curtain is a great idea, things to tend to get dusty is they aren't used.

Have a wonderful and safe week-end!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh no!!nSorry about the accident. Glad you got some things done before. I certainly understand about downsizing. I still have boxes from our move 7 months ago. We are looking to move when our lease is up. It too will be small but hope to find more closet space.

Nonnie said...

Oh wow! I'm so thankful with you that your husband wasn't hurt any worse. What a gash. I'm so glad you were there. He can definitely claim he's been through the school of hard knocks. I know that isn't really funny.

Your little Vanna is cute.

Tara said...

OH nooooo that's awful. I'll have to warn Scott before he pulls down our garage entrance to the attic. Dangerous! Feel better soon!

~ Noelle said...

Oh wow.
Glad it wasn't worse.
Hope he gets well soon

Kerri said...

Ouch! I'm glad Jerry only needed stitches! He should wear a hard had around the house! ;)

I thought I was the only one with my tree still up! This is a record for us...I usually take it down by New Year's Day. My dad was visiting us so I thought it would be nice if he could see our tree. He left yesterday and it's my plan to take it down today. I need more bins like you have for organizing Christmas stuff!

Have a great week!

Hena Tayeb said...

ouch.. that doesn't look good.
I hope he is doing better now.
I am an organization nut!

Vee said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor husband! Is he black and blue? I see lots of bruising around his nose. Sometimes life is just way too exciting.