Monday, January 18, 2016

Review of fancy Mobility Car and visor organization #FancyMobility

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

This particular storage item from Fancy Mobility came just in time for the new year and helping with organization. If you're a busy parent like me you know our cars can become the biggest clutter catchers of all, from running to appointments and practices and errands, etc. It's nice to have a product to help get it all under control and in one place.

This large organizer measure 22.1" x 12.4", the straps are 48" on the bottom and 16.5" on the top and it goes on the back of the seat in your vehicle to provide plenty of storage for your items needed on your car rides. Included with this set is an organizer that fits on your visor that measures 12" x 6.9".

There are several pockets on the large organizer including a large one at the top for storing items and it has velco fasteners to keep it closed.

Below are a couple pictures from the company to give you an idea of some items you may want to store if you have a young toddler. Including these photos since my girls are older. :-) As you can see in all the photos it is quite spacious.

                                                          (Picture credit Fancy Mobility)

(Picture credit Fancy Mobility)

                                                          (Photo credit Fancy Mobility)

This is the item when I first unpacked it and had a chance to look it over and check it out. I like a product that is sturdy and going to last a long time.

Here is an example of some of the things you can store while traveling that I have put together in the pictures below. Since the winter weather is brutal where I live, I always make sure the girls have extra mittens and hats in the car and they fit nicely in these large pockets. In the pocket at the top there is room for head sets and a Nintendo or other game device or even a small book. The organizer does not have a place that securely fits an Ipad though. But Ipods and other smaller devices no problem!

Also have plenty of room for items such as sunglasses, tissues, wet wipes, first aid items like band aids, umbrella, snacks, water bottle, toys, hand lotion etc. This is just an example and many of these things will be traded out and replaced with other seasonal items for our travels. With smaller children it's great for holding diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, bottles and more!

This also works if you travel with pets for holding their leashes, treats, bowls, sweaters, etc. Or if you don't have children it's great for storing jumper cables, back up charger, sunglasses and more. It's really versatile and can be used after your children are grown so a nice investment to make.

I chose to put pens and a notepad in my visor to jot quick notes or to make grocery lists while waiting in parent pick up. Also great to have on hand for drawing and playing tic tac toe games in the car for the kids. Can easily store ear buds, lipstick, coupons, business cards, etc.

It hooks quite nicely to the back of the seat and was very easy to put in. Also allows for plenty of leg room and Kathleen was happy having everything within reach.

Same with the visor it goes on easily and securely and if you have a mirror in your visor the straps are far enough to the sides that it does not interfere with opening it.

The overall quality seems pretty nice and should last for a long time. Even though this piece is designed for use in a car it could also be used in a closet for extra organization or even a pantry. I always like to try to find multiple uses for an item. However according to Kathleen I won't be getting this back anytime soon. :-)



Anonymous said...

Wow Jill. Both organizers looks terrific! I know my daughter would love one for my grandson. How do you get to do such great reviews for free products? I'd love to do that too!

McVal said...

That is pretty cool! Both of them! Hmmm...

McVal said...

Both of those look pretty cool! hmmmm