Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review of Gnome Workshop Selfie Stick With Fun Pictures! #GnomeWorkshop

* I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

This selfie stick from Gnome Workshop is awesome and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a selfie stick that is easy to take with you and works wonderfully!

One of the features that makes this such a great product is it easily connects to bluetooth on your cameras or smartphones to take pictures effortlessly with no wires to hassle with! It includes a wrist strap, charging cable, and instructions.

Simply hook up the USB cable for a couple hours to charge it before your first use. Then you are all set to sync it with your phone. Clear instructions that are easy to follow are included in the box. Also a coupon for future purchases. :-)

Of course when I told Hayley I was reviewing a selfie stick, being the teenager she is; she was all happy to model for the pictures showing how to use a selfie stick. ;-)

Another great feature is it has a rubber grip on the handle making it easy to hold on to. It is also rubber coated at the top and bottom to help prevent scratches.

             The wand is stainless steel and extends 31.4" and total of 33" long when fully extended.

The max extension of the head is 3.5" and it easily fits an Iphone 6 with a case on with room left over. It also has a thumb key on the head to adjust the angle of your phone where you want it and locks it in place.

The rotation ability of the head to achieve the angle you want to take your pictures is 270 degrees.

As you can see Hayley is having a great time testing out the features and being sure it works from all angles. ;-)

Watching people taking selfies is quite entertaining so we really enjoyed reviewing this Gnome Workshop selfie stick, lol!

We were having a family game night and I thought it would be perfect to demonstrate taking selfies as a group. Here's the pictures from my angle......

These are the pictures from my phone when they were taking selfies and having a blast! Sorry it's slightly blurry, the lighting wasn't the best in our dining room.

                                                    Needless to say it works quite well!

                                       My crazy, fun loving family.... I love them so much!

                                                They even crack themselves up! LOL!! :-)

       Here's a pictures of how nice and easy it folds up and fits perfectly in your pocket, in a purse or back pack for easy travel and convenience.

  So easy to place your phone or camera in the top of it. If your device is bluetooth it will be easily compatible.

Mirabelle was watching all the selfies take place, lol. She looks so amused! I also really like that it has a wrist strap for easier carrying and use.

It has a built in shutter button and if you look closely here you can see the button is blue, that means it's synced and ready to use!

We absolutely love this selfie stick and will be taking it with us on our outings as a family. Speaking of family, this company is family owned and you can check out their web site here .

You can find this great product on Amazon by clicking here



NanaDiana said...

Jill- I think the highlight is Dad's face in the background. lol My grandgirl LOVES her selfie stick! Thought I would pop in and say Hi-waiting for John to get ready to go for treatment. xo Diana

McVal said...

LOVE those photos of the selfies! My selfies are mainly done if someone else takes the photo or if I use my camera and then guess at how I look when I hit the button. I'm old school and have a dumb phone...

Blondie's Journal said...

One of my nieces received this at Christmas and we had a ball with it. We were all a bit crazy and I can see why you have so many great pics!! :)


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love it. I am seriously laughing. That is totally what my teen and family would be doing. I love it!!!!