Sunday, January 31, 2016

Zendori Matcha Tea Review #zendorimatcha

* Received this product for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my                                                                                   own*

I love drinking teas of all kinds, but have enjoyed the benefits of healthy teas such as Matcha tea. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It has many antioxidants and is a great addition towards your healthy lifestyle.

Zendori is a company that makes the Matcha green tea and they sent me some for a discounted rate for me to give my honest review. Zendori is the combination of two words Zen plus Tori (-dori)

 "When a person truly lives in the peaceful harmony of a moment, they are experiencing Zen. We, as a lifestyle brand, want to connect you with the experience of zen. Tori (-dori) means bird in Japanese, a creature that travels freely with no worries. Hence, "Zendori" is born to free your mind so that you can focus only on the now." (Zendori Matcha Beginner Guide & Recipes,  pg. 1)

Many of us deal with the stresses of every day life and sometimes it is good to be reminded to slow down, relax with a nice beneficial, hot cup of tea and enjoy the present moment and be thankful for all we have.

"Tea is a miraculous medicine for health benefits, and prolonging life. Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow. Tea is the Elixir of life which creates the mountain-dwelling immortals"  -Japanese Monk Eisai, 1211 AD

The tea arrives in eye pleasing packaging. The company is wonderful to communicate with and have any questions you may have answered promptly. They show that they care about their customers and to me that is very important when buying my products.

To prepare Matcha tea you will need hot water that is not boiling. I like to use our Keurig for a glass of hot water that is a good temperature for making the tea. If you do not have a Keurig, the microwave or slowly heating water on the stove will work just as well.

The tea arrives in an air-tight sealed aluminum package. This is to preserve it's natural freshness, color and aroma.

Upon opening you will notice a pleasant smell of the tea and a little illusion of smoke being released. Kathleen thought that part was pretty cool. ;-) It is a very rich, green color.

The best way to serve a cup of tea in our house is in a pretty tea cup. :-) Just seems to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

To make the tea, add about a teaspoon of the powder into a strainer over a cup to refine it from the can and make it easier to mix and dissolve. A bamboo whisk would be perfect for mixing up the tea, but if you do not have one a regular small whisk works just as well.

            Be sure to thoroughly whisk it to get it all to mixed together evenly before drinking.

             Kathleen is a great helper and enjoyed using the whisk in her tea cup, making her own.

Matcha is a natural detoxifier thanks to it's rich content of chlorophyll. It also helps to give you a long lasting energy boost. It contains 2-3 times less caffeine than coffee and the caffeine is released into your body slowly over several hours and not a rush to your system all at once. The caffeine is also alkalizing, rather than acidic. There has also been research to link it to a metabolism boost. Also findings that it is fat burning. It has a special amino acid called L-theanine which can help improve your concentration.

                                             There are three different grades of Matcha:

Ceremonial grade (vibrant electric green color)

Culinary grade (slightly earthy green color)

Organic Matcha (Ceremonial & Culinary) Less vibrant green than the non-organic Matcha.

Kathleen was happy to enjoy a cup of the tea with me and she really enjoyed the flavor. If a 10 year old loves it you know it's good! ;-)

                                     She said "definitely giving this the thumbs up mom!"
      While it's great as it is she also likes to add a little honey as well to sweeten it up a little bit.

                                                                  Empty cup! :-)

There's lots of options for enjoying your Matcha tea and that includes some different recipes. Here is an easy one you can enjoy.

Banana Matcha Latte Smoothie

1 cup milk or plain yogurt
1 teaspoon Zendori Matcha
2 teaspoons honey
1 banana
Some ice
Sprinkle of chai seeds for topping.

1. Pour milk or plain yogurt into the blender
2. Add Zendori Matcha, honey, banana and ice to the mixture and blend.
3. Pour smoothie into glass and enjoy with a little chai seeds for garnish.

Sources from the ebook (Zendori Matcha Beginner Guide & Recipes). You will receive full access to this ebook when you purchase their Matcha green tea powder through Amazon.  It provides a lot of great information and history of Matcha tea as well as more delicious recipes.

You can also find out more by visiting their website  and following them on Facebook 

I really enjoyed the flavor of this tea and if you haven't tried Matcha tea yet, I'd really recommend it. You won't be disappointed and you will actually feel pretty good after drinking it. ;-) If you do give it a try, let me know.



Beth Ann said...

In all of my tea experiences I have yet to try matcha! I don't know why I have not tried it yet but your review made me ready to take that leap ! Thanks!

Kris said...

We are big tea drinkers too. Never heard of that before. So cute of Kathleen with her little stirring whisk! How do you get to do all of these reviews?
XO Kris

Laura Lane said...

This was a great review, Jill. I recently received another brand for review that was ceremonial grade also. It's an acquired taste, but it's worth it since it's so good for you.
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage

Chas Stokes said...

In the words of Scotty from Star Trek, "Uh, it's uh, it's green!" :D

Heather said...

I keep meaning to try it ...looks good :) ~Heather