Friday, February 19, 2016

Big News, We're Moving Again!

One of the characteristics of Jerry that I love so much is his work ethic and how very hard he works for his family and the company that employs him. Being an asset to those companies provides great opportunities and the one we were offered last week was one we couldn't turn down. A new plant is being build in NC and they want Jerry to run it. These are a few pictures of the early stages of construction.

                 It's a 55,000 square foot facility, with a lot of potential for growth and profitability.
We weren't certain at first that moving again after only a year and a half would be something we wanted to do, but NC is a place where his career really started in management and where Hayley was born and our family was started. We lived there for a few years, had Hayley and when she was about 6 months old we moved back to MD. We always loved living in NC and said one day we'd love to move back there. Beautiful area and the friendliest people. God works in mysterious ways sometimes as Ohio has not really felt like home to us. I feel it was a stepping stone to where we truly wanted to be.

We stopped at a rest area on the way down and met 2 of the nicest people who told us all about the area. So friendly and Kathleen is totally excited to move! Hayley had been planning on going to college in NC so she is 1/2 and 1/2, wants to move because she loves NC but sad she is leaving the friends she has made here.

I'm so proud of both my girls and how they learn to adapt to where they are. They are realizing they have had many experiences that other kids can only dream of and to meet many people and form life long bonds.

We jokingly took this picture of Jerry by this sign since he is so accident prone! Of course hoping nothing happens again!

We drove down last Friday night and arrived at our hotel about 1:00 AM. Saturday we spent some time at the plant and then drove around the area the rest of the day and Sunday to see how we liked it.
Monday he had a meeting with them and they wanted to know his decision. We were still torn at that point. We talked about it Monday into Tuesday and drove around the area some more, by Tuesday afternoon the gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. We knew in our hearts NC was right, but we thought of our girls. Hayley agreed that in the bigger picture of things NC was the right choice to make for us all. With the girl's blessing we let the company know.

Then our whirlwind house hunt began.... we saw some beautiful sunsets with all the driving we did.

We had lots of ordering out... which I was very happy to get back to home cooked meals! But I have to say this pizza we ate in the hotel lobby one night was pretty good! :-)

We drove around a lot of nice little towns and I love hummingbirds! So does my mom and when I saw this statue on the side of the road in front of a store I told Jerry I had to stop and get pictures! :-)

I just love older towns, the buildings, the way it makes you feel driving around. :-) The beautiful sky at dusk....

     I felt all these beautiful sunsets were God's way of saying everything is going to be o.k.....

             To help with some of the stress the girls spent some late nights in the pool to unwind.

Once a southern girl always a southern girl, Hayley packer her shorts and t-shirts and everyone else in NC was all bundled up! LOL what they considered cold we considered a heat wave after living in Ohio ;-)

In the mornings we had a few minutes to just unwind.... then back in the car for our house hunt.
At one of the open houses we went to we found a really nice realtor named Edi who spent a lot of time with us showing us homes.

Of course we had to eat while we were driving around and we like to look for little restaurants, family owned etc. We found this awesome little place called Nick's Old Fashioned Hamburger House. I don't eat red meat but Jerry and Hayley love it! As you can see the burgers were amazing! The people that waited on us were so friendly too, it was a great experience. We actually drove back there before we left to get dinner. They stay very busy and I can see why! Kathleen and I tried the grilled cheese and equally amazing :-) Also we had to have our southern sweet tea! ;-)

     We definitely give Nick's in Lexington, NC a thumbs up for great service and delicious food!  

We even took a time out to visit the local library and read. I was still homeschooling Kathleen while we were there.

So our home is chosen and a contract was placed.... as we find out more with closing dates etc. I will update. I had a lot of review posts to catch up on as you noticed when I got back, but now I just want to update you all on the craziness that has turned our lives into a tail spin... again. Maybe we should just become professional movers??? :-)

             We had a beautiful drive through the mountains on the way home, clear blue skies...

Then by evening we arrived in Ohio and of course the roads were horrendous. I was just happy to get us all home safely, Jerry was driving as I just hate driving in that stuff. I won't miss Ohio weather AT ALL!

                                  Lovely icicles everywhere..... not in NC anymore.... lol!

Oh and did I mention.... we are leaving in about a month? So who's coming to help us pack, lol???

Be around to visit everyone soon, been so busy and stressed trying to juggle all we need to do in a short amount of time! 2016 brings us another adventure!



McVal said...

Oh Wow! Didn't you guys JUST settle in there???! Your current house is beautiful. I'm sure it will be snapped up immediately!
I hope all goes well with the move. If I could come help, I would!

Vee said...

Sounds exciting! You sure had a lot to say and then you slipped that you had found your home. Talk about suspense. All the best with your move. I hope that Jerry's company pays for all that and does the packing, too. (One of the benefits of military life as I recall.)

Sheila said...

Looking forward to meeting you, Jerry and the girls when y'all get settled. Prayers for a stress free and smooth move. I felt at home as soon as we moved here. There's just something about North Carolina. Take care. Hope all goes well with the closing and the selling of your house in Ohio.

Camille said...

Super exciting! Super crazy!! SO happy for you all. XO

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, you have been busy!!! I hope that it all goes really well and that you will be very happy in your new home!! How great that Jerry has been sought out by his employers for this job, that must have made him pleased. Let us know how it goes when you are all settled in! xx

Billie Jo said...

Yes! You do need that Mindful Meditation!
But no idea when you are going to fit it in!
Jill, I am thrilled for you all.
What an exciting adventure, and your positive attitude no doubt has helped the girls as well.
Cant wait to see your new home!!!
Please don't forget about us here, even though I know you will be busy!

Nonnie said...

Oh, my goodness. I think I might be a tad jealous. I love North Carolina and think it would be a fabulous place to live. So exciting to have new job, new home, new friends. So nice your daughters are good with it and that Hayley is mature enough to look at the overall big picture. Your photos are beautiful. Good luck with everything. I look forward to seeing more photos of your new location.

Barb said...

Hi Jill!

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited for you! I can understand working construction, my husband did it for 42 year. You really do have to go where the work is, and where you get the best offer . . . good luck!

Your pictures were so beautiful, it looks like a wonderful town, and it's always good when the people are nice... :0)

I would love to come help you move . . . too bad I live in Idaho!! You will be in my prayers, and I really do believe that, God does send us signs, like beautiful sunsets, to reassure us of His love and to comfort us.


Wendi said...

I have lived in North Carolina twice. I love it! Both times I was in the Fayetteville area. I hope your current home sells quickly and the move is smooth!

Tara said...

Yeah Jill! I am sooooOooo happy for you and your sweet family! I could tell somehow in your posts that Ohio wasn't the right fit for you all. Although you are so good at making it all work. Does this mean that you'll be closer to your parents? And friends from before OH? I'm so glad for you and I'll be keeping your girls (especially Haley) in my prayers. Keep us posted as you can. Tell us more about your new house? Are you building?

Debby Ray said...

Yay, you're going to be my neighbor! Well, kinda! Did you say that you will be moving to Lexington? I know you mentioned it in your post but wasn't sure if that is actually where you will making your new home. Lexington is a little over an hour from Mebane, My town. Wow...things are moving fast...hoping all goes well with the move! Blessings!

Sonya Ann said...

Congratulations!!!! I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for all of you. I can't wait to see pictures of your new house.

anxsity means friendship said...

Are u still doing giveaways

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh I wish I could come help you pack! What a great opportunity and I'm glad your kids are on board. I'm sure they will adjust well as you are such a loving family. Will you be planning on buying another homestead?

Kris said...

I don't know how I missed this post, tucked between two that I had read? Oh my dear sweet we go again. I think your attitude is wonderful! And it does sound like a wonderful opportunity for your family. I know nothing about NC, but I hear it is lovely. What a great opportunity for Jerry! And the kids will adapt. Life is funny, isn't it. One never knows what is around the corner for us.
What about the chickens????
Much love to you and the family, as you begin a new adventure! I can't wait to hear all about it here on your blog and via IG!
xo Kris