Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Guardians by Josi Russell Book Review

*I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

A few days ago I talked about the launch of this book Guardians in a blog post. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the deal and if not it is still available today on Amazon

Guardians is the second book in a series, the first book is called The Caretaker and you can also find it at a special price on Amazon using the link from my prior blog post about the launch day. :-)

Josi Russell has a way of writing that really allows you to imagine the characters and visualize the scenarios they go through. The writing is fluent and easy to get engaged in and as the story builds through the middle and end it is hard to put down.

Here is a blurb I'm sharing from the publisher to give you a reminder of what the book is about:

"After fifty years in stasis, Caretaker Ethan Bryant and his passengers have finally arrived on Minea. But life on the new planet isn’t the utopia that the shiny brochures back on Earth promised. Freed from the mind shackles of the Others of Beta Alora, the colonists are now enslaved by the dusty Yynium mining industry that sustains the new civilization.

When a mysterious shadow passes across the face of the planet Lucidus, it brings with it an ominous threat. Before he can find out the extent of the danger, Ethan is plunged into the vast cave system under the blue karst mountains outside the city of Coriol. There he finds evidence that his greatest fear may be realized: Humans are not alone on Minea.

Aria, a crop geneticist and Ethan’s wife, struggles to find him and to solve a deadly epidemic that is sweeping the population. Kaia, the beautiful engineer who awakened early on Ethan’s stasis ship, and her father, Admiral Phillip Reagan, prepare for a battle with a species they know nothing about. The colonists must call upon their unique gifts and work together. Human survival depends on these guardians of Minea."

The writing leaves you holding your breathe at times wondering what will happen next. For instance this particular excerpt from the book:

"It was in that second, that small moment when his back was turned, that Polara fell into the lake. He heard the splash, and turned to the spot he'd last seen her. But she was far beyond that. How had she moved so quickly? She was flailing now in the inlet where the tumbling river flowed into the lake. He ran.
      Blindly, Ethan charged into the water, fighting its pull against his legs, the river rocks were slick and round, but he barely noticed as his ankles cracked into them. She was being swept by the current. He had to get to her. Suddenly, the bottom dropped away and Ethan felt his head go under. He swam, hard and broke the surface just in time to see Polara's small hand reaching horribly toward the sky" (pg. 12, Russell).

Polara is Ethan's daughter and as a parent you can just feel your heart start to pound imagining what Ethan is feeling... that worst nightmare for any parent. Will he rescue her in time? Will his family be forever changed? How does he manage to help other people on this distant planet? All questions that will be answered as you read this great fantasy fiction novel.

If you do get the chance to read it, share with me your thoughts, I know you're going to enjoy it! :-)


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