Monday, February 22, 2016

Review of Renard Compression Socks #Renardcompression

*I received this product for a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

These compression socks I received for review are in L which fits size 10-12 shoe. They are made to be used by both men and women. Jerry and I both tried them and they fit true to size. The heel was a little big for him, he wears a size 10 and I wear a 12 so I was fine, lol. :-). The material of the socks is 78% nylon and 22% spandex.

Here is a little information taken directly from the company.

"Product Description
Muscle Support - These Compression socks are designed to provide the much needed muscle support and functionality, required for the reduction of muscle fatigue after exercise and injury.
Accelerating Blood Circulation - These socks are engineered to prevent muscle soreness, by accelerating blood circulation and inhibiting the accumulation of lactic acid. These Compression socks possess an excellent moisture management control feature which allows the socks to wick away sweat and accelerate recovery.
Unique Graduated Compression Technology - Renard Compression socks feature a very unique graduated compression technology, designed to help improve the flow and efficient circulation of oxygenated blood into your lower leg regions such as the calf and shin. This unique graduation technology also helps to protect and support both regions in the lower leg as well. The graduated compression points offer immediate relief from swollen ankles and poor blood circulation in the lower leg regions.
Manufactured From premium Materials - Renard Compression socks are manufactured from premium materials and also designed to retain their original size even after prolonged and continuous use.
Extremely Easy To Maintain - These compression socks are also extremely easy to maintain. Apart from providing extra comfort and full functionality for boosting energy, preventing blisters and enhancing recovery from injuries or workouts, these compression socks are also exceptionally stylish and really fashionable as well."

        Jerry was my model for these because he's been wanting to try them for awhile. Just a note, there is no red in the socks, I believe it's a reflection from a blanket when I was taking the pictures and didn't notice until I loaded them. They are black and grey in color.

                      So overlook the hairy knees and legs, lol....I promise they are NOT mine ;-)

The socks fit nicely and you can feel the slight pressure while wearing them. Afterwards our feet and legs felt pretty relaxed and not a lot of swelling from being on them for awhile. They were pretty comfortable. Jerry is on his feet most of the day at work so he was quite happy with how he felt after taking them off.


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McVal said...

Very nice socks! I'm wondering if I need to pick some up. I suddenly had some pain in one of my legs the other day and am wondering...