Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Preparing for our move 2016


As you could see yesterday's posts were catching up on some reviews I needed to do for different companies and today I wanted to catch you all up and tell you just how crazy it has been around here. I'm writing these posts late at night and scheduling them to post because I'm so busy during the day I don't know if I'm coming or going!

Many of you have asked me what we are going to do with our chickens.... sadly we are unable to transport them that far away. Jerry works with someone who has a farm and has promised to take very good care of them and only keep them as pets and collect their eggs. Eggs we are all going to miss getting fresh each day! :-( Sometime this week he will be coming by to get them and I know we will have one upset little girl on our hands... but she says we will get more bay chicks again after we get settled in our new home.

This was the full moon the other night up over our neighbor's field when we were working outside getting things packed up. I just want to remember all these moments and the beauty we have here at this property.

Here is some of the packing Jerry has finished up in the garage. Now we have even more done in there and it's ready to go for the movers.

This time we are completely packing ourselves to save some money... but then we had to buy boxes..yikes! Trust me we have grabbed every one we could find from recycling bins, stores etc, but hasn't been enough and we need to get packed so we have to buy them....bummer! I have no compensation for showing Home Depot boxes it's just where we happened to get them, although I will say their selection of good quality packing tape is terrible! What we did find had hardly any on the roll, was expensive and so cheaply made it took quite a bit to seal and make the boxes.

Just a quick tip, when packing boxes be sure to fill them to the top to prevent any damage to the items inside when they start stacking them in the truck. Also write the room and what's inside on the top and on the side. Also label what room so it's easy to see after the boxes are stacked.

Love that Kathleen took time the other night to bake with Jerry a surprise heart cake for me. There goes my staying on track eating healthy as we all know how well chocolate goes with stress, lol!

Elvis just lays in his bed looking so amused at our struggles carrying boxes and packing, lol. Just a tough life for a cat! ;-)

Home school is still taking up a big portion of my days and at times we get silly and decide stickers are more fun when you put them on your cheeks for a job well done. :-)

While sorting and packing you find all kinds of things. We found this old toy from like 1952 that has been in our family. A little banged up through the years but still pretty cool.

Then I found the box of old photos and photo albums.... This is Jerry and I over 20 years ago! Yikes!
That early 90's hair cracks me up, what was I thinking??? Oh that's right it was the style back then. ;-)
And hey, look at that! Jerry had hair, lol. Love you babe!

                   This was one of Kathleen's art projects this past week, I love her creativity!

And if you follow me on Instagram you're familiar with this picture... I needed to get out away from the house the other day for a few minutes to "escape" all that was going on with packing, etc. In freezing cold temperatures I slipped on my flip flops and headed out for awhile, icicles and all. :-)

Hard to believe Jerry and Hayley spent all that time on building this awesome play house and we will be leaving it behind. :-(  We're taking the good memories with us though. Hopefully someone with a family will enjoy it as much as we have.

Kathleen all bundled up helping Jerry pack things up in his shed. At least this time we will know where everything is and hopefully have a better experience with the movers here.

            Still enjoying the sunsets here as long as I can, they sure are beautiful on this property!

     And couldn't resist Elvis's expression again... lol I think he likes playing with Monster High dolls!

Then we tackled the task of removing the snow fence from the front yard since we will be listing the house soon. Kathleen was a big helper to Jerry, but of course she needed to work riding her bike into the equation.

We actually ended up giving it to our neighbor up the road, we WON'T be needing that in NC I hope!

Spent most of the weekend starting to box up my den, scrapbook supplies, pictures, books... just leaving out school supplies for now. It's an exhausting job packing and moving boxes. I've been sure to drink my lemon water each day to keep me hydrated. I'm always so tired at night but I lay down and my mind just races with all the things I need to do! I'm pretty sure last time I said I'd never move again and yet here we go.... this is the last time though... truly... I think.... yes...yes... it will be! ;-)

Please bear with me if I don't get to visiting everyone very often or leaving comments. I will do my best but with so much going on here I am very pressed for time in getting it all done. I will be back to regular visits as soon as I can! :-)

"He has achieved success who has worked well, laughed often, and loved much"  Elbert Hubbard



Camille said...

What a BIG job it is moving!!!! By now, you are experts. :) I am sure your neighbours are happy with all that snow fence material you gifted them...I'd never heard of a snow fence before! And, yes...I am sure the next family will love the play house you built in the yard. What fun! No worries about visiting....you have SO much going on!! Hugs to you! Camille

Sonya Ann said...

Even if you don't visit, I know the love is there. Take care of what needs to be done.
Sometimes when my life is crazy I think, well at least I have something to blog about.
I'm excited for you and I think wonderful things are coming. You are a family of hard workers and I can't believe how much you have done to the house you are leaving and so fast. I'm sure that your next home will come together just as quickly. Safe travels.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, Oh my~ the process of packing to move is something I can so relate too. I am sure this is bittersweet. Your home here is lovely and you made such wonderful memories but I know many more will follow you in your new place.
Love the photos you share today.
Good Luck and God Bless you all in this move. Enjoy the adventure my friend.
Love to you. xo

Debby Ray said...

All of your packing has worn me out from just reading about it! We were moved by a company a couple of times and then we moved ourselves...it's almost like you don't know where to begin, isn't it? Oh yeah...and I never put my flip flops away either :)

Victorian1885 said...

Good luck with your move Jill! It is such a big job but so much fun decorating and setting up the new place.
Great photos of all of you!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my goodness, Jill....deep breaths, deep breaths....moving is soooooo stressful. I know it must be bittersweet to say goodbye to your beautiful home and all that you have accomplished there, but new adventures are on the horizon. North Carolina is warm, with beaches and close to Disney World :) with flowers nearly year round. I grew up on the East Coast (New England), and I still miss those beautiful beaches. Love those old photographs - you are both so cute and I can see the resemblance in your children's faces. I had a similar hair style - remember the teasing and hair spray? Lol! One nice thing about moving - you get to sort and purge. Hope it all goes smoothly for you and that many blessings await you in NC. Hugs xo Karen

Anonymous said...

Jill, oh my! I will send prayers your way. Packing and moving and unpacking is not easy and not much fun. I hope I never have to move again. I hope you won't either.

The pictures of you and your husband are so sweet! I think I'm probably 10 years older than you so I didn't have all the big hair but if I would have, I'd have wanted yours! Gorgeous! And Kathleen does favor you, I think.

I'm sorry to hear about the chickens. I'm still in the planning stages (and trying to convince my husband) but hope to in the spring.

Billie Jo said...

Packing and moving = Stress!!!!
Prayers for you, my friend.
It looks as if you have it under control.
Take care and good luck!
Can't wait to see the new place. : )

Barb said...

Hi Jill!

WOW! You are one busy girl! It's so hard to move, especially this time of year. I'll bet you are a pro by now, but it's still hard. Kathleen looks like she is taking it in stride, and all that little girl fun really does make it easier.

Your husband looks so much like my son! I scrolled down to the picture of him in the garage, and thought to myself - "where is Chris at, why is her there?" Crazy!

You and your husband are a cute couple, and you my friend, are just gorgeous then and now!

Take care, take breaks, get plenty of sleep and be safe!


McVal said...

I hope you get it all done before the moving van gets there! And it sucks when the box is marked TBS (to be sorted). My MIL has about 20 boxes like that mixed in with the dozens more that she actually has marked, out in our garage still. Baggage from moves past for her and she will never go through them to sort them...
They've sat there for 18 years.
Make sure you get Kathleen more chickens!

Kris said...

Loved seeing the young Jerry and Jill! Kathleen is your mini me for sure.
So sad to have to leave behind the chickens. Kathleen loved it so. But you can get more, and now you have all of that knowledge!!
I wish I could help you pack. It is an exhausting job! Pace yourself!
Can't wait to see your next adventure unfold!!
xo Kris

Laura Lane said...

How wonderful that you have such nice boxes. That will make it much easier and tidier to move. Be blessed and happy in your new home!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Carrie B. said...

Wow!! Hang in there Sweetie! I know it's a lot of work - but just take it day by day and you know it will all get done.

I love the old photos of your folks - so cute!! ;)

Prayers that all will continue to move along smoothly.
Blessings. xoxo

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have moved twice in the last 4 years. It is a big job. Lord, please bless my friend with strength, grace, and patience. As well as energy. Amen!