Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Preparing our Leprechaun Trap

It's that time of year again to try to catch our Leprechaun! No matter how busy we may be, we have to take time for these little joys in life :-)

Kathleen had some great ideas and we worked together today to bring it all together. This was her original material list for her trap.

                      We found this plant planter in Family Dollar and the gold wire at Walmart.

                                 It has a glass tube that sits down inside the metal ball.

                          We took the glass out to make a circle out of the gold glitter sheet.

The gold wire should come with a when you unhook it, it starts unraveling rapidly everywhere!

                              Stickers were carefully placed on the glass jar to decorate it.

We tucked the felt in it to give you an idea of how the stickers looked after placing them where she wanted them.

                                          Then we set it back into it's original place.

    Next came the off brand version of Lucky Charms. But no marshmallow shapes in this one! :-(

                                                 She poured these into the center......

                                                         Cutting out more gold coins.....

                                                                Too cute gold coins!

                 Then we placed them on top of the cereal to lure the Leprechaun into the trap!!!

                         Cutting the pebbles bag open to placed them where we wanted them.

                                           Making a little walk way around the trap. :-)

                                 Working out a plan and trying several ideas for the wire.

                         We decided to use it as a ladder for the Leprechaun to climb in!

Topped it off with a gold circle on the top so that when he steps onto it, he will fall down into the trap!!!

                                                            Hmmmm another idea........

           Mirabelle was happy we decided not to use the box... lol, she sure had fun playing in it.

     Kathleen's brainstorming had her deciding to add more gold on top to capture her Leprechaun!!

                                   We are all set to see if we can catch him/her this year!!!

Will follow up tomorrow to let you know our results! Kathleen did a video on YouTube about it you can find here. Tomorrow she will have a follow up video and I will have a follow up post :-)

In other news we went to Walmart for even more boxes today and somehow Kathleen turned into a Leprechaun!!! Lol ;-)

                                                    IF I WERE A LEPRECHAUN

                               If I were a Leprechaun from Ireland, I wouldn't dance all day.
                                      I wouldn't play tricks on people, then hide and run away.

If I were a leprechaun from Ireland, I wouldn't just run around. To hide gold at the end of a rainbow, in pots that will never be found.

If I were a leprechaun from Ireland, I'd want the world to see, That I'm real and I'm small and I'm Irish and I have gold in piles bigger than me!

Yes, if I were a leprechaun from Ireland, I'd shout out happily, That I live in the fields here in Ireland, But no one will ever catch me!


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Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you catch one and that it brings you a lot of luck! xx