Friday, March 11, 2016

Review of ebook A Piece of Sky by Ann Hunter #CrownsoftheTwelve

              * I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. *

                                   This delightful story can be found here on Amazon.

From the publisher Afterglow Productions:

"It's about you... It matters who you believe you are.... Your potential is infinite." 
--Shiver, the last gryphon of Tór

"The most powerful force in creation has been stolen from the Tree of Life. Nurgal, Lord of Decay, is convinced the golden seed he possesses will help him end man's time on earth. The last thing he expects is for a little red hen to try and stop him.

When the magic acorn strikes Rós in the head and changes how she sees the entire world, she believes the sky is falling. Determined to discover the identity of the seed, she strikes out into the big, wide world to find her answers. Many factions are in play and lives are at stake when she learns that an even greater evil is at hand.

Can one little red hen save the world?

In this twist on the classic tale of Chicken Little, no one is too small to make a difference."

This is the second book by Ann Hunter I have had the pleasure to read. It's a new twist to an old story of Chicken Little and it does not disappoint! It was enchanting from the start and who knew a small chicken named Ros could be brave enough to change a hardened heart and "save" the world.

 Well written and a delight to read and follow along with the adventure and the creativity of an author who relates to the reader. Once again like in Chicken Little; when the magic acorn hits Ros in the head, it changes everything she ever knew and with her good natured heart and fierce determination she ventures out into the world with her "piece of the sky" to fight evil and make a difference. Which as the story shows, one being is never too small to leave an impact on others.

I enjoyed the story as it was an interesting twist to a story I have always enjoyed and one of both my daughter's favorite stories and movies. This is one I will be passing onto them to read. A little violence in some parts but think it is ok from tweens on up to adult :-) 


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Barb said...

Hi Jill~

I can't believe you have time for book reviews with all that is going on at your house!!

The books look like good ones, I especially like the last review, because I think that, Chicken Little, is one of my favorite books - it has such a good moral!

I love all the pictures of you and the kids getting ready to move, I can tell that you will be missed!

Hugs and Hang in There!