Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review of the ebook The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens #FutureHousePub

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"Fifteen-year-old Ashira just received the worst coming-of-age prophecy imaginable.

After years dreaming of oceans, princes, and fairies, she expected to hear the words that would finally whisk her away from her ordinary desert village. Instead she hears, “ you will live a life of no renown.”

Ready to choose her own fate, she discovers a djinni’s bottle and starts making wishes. When the djinni proves uncooperative and annoying, Ashira sets out to the great city of magicians to learn magic and free herself from an uneventful life as a potter's daughter.

But there is another prophecy being whispered in the shadows. It is said that among the great magicians, there is a demon on the rise with the power to destroy the world. The djinni might be Ashira’s only chance to become someone important, or he just might be the very demon that triggered the dark prophecy.

With the world on the brink of destruction, can Ashira fight her fate and stop the forces that threaten to upset the balance of the universe?"    (Future House Publishers)

* I received a copy of this ebook for free from Future House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. *

Imagine the excitement you would feel as a young 15 year old girl knowing that your prophecy is finally being revealed to you! You may be dreaming of exciting adventures, princes and fairies and lovely beauty all around you. Then reality of those dreams and thoughts being shattered to steer your life in a direction you weren't quite expecting to find. When the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and changes everything you ever knew up to that point.

The Stone Bearers is about a young girl named Ashira who discovers on her journey that things aren't always what they seem and we can't always trust those people in our lives that we encounter. She has a spunky, mischievous, indifferent dijinni to banter with along the way.... but is he all she thinks him to be or will there be another twist throughout? There are many beings met along the way, such as gods, bearers, friends, foes, family and demons and an interesting story line that intertwines them all. Will good win against evil beings or does good finally get defeated by evil?

The Stone Bearers creates a great story for young adult readers; although as an adult reader, I found myself wanting more. The book was a bit slow in developing the plot throughout and I was waiting for more to happen and unfold with the story line. There were a few characters along the way that could have been more developed with a bit more detail so the reader could feel a more personal connection with them; especially for several important scenes through out the book. It was a little undeveloped as far as the story line went because you are led to think something huge was going to occur and at the end I felt like there could have been more. Overall though it was an interesting story and still a good read. :-)

The Stone Bearers will be available for a special Kindle price on Amazon for 99 cents March 10-16th. Normally it is $9.99.

By visiting Future house Publishers website (link above) you can enter to win an autographed copy of the book on launch day today March 10th. Also when you visit Goodreads they will be giving away copies :-)



McVal said...

That sounds interesting!

McVal said...

That sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

So interesting! I think I'd like to live a life of no renown. :-)