Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review of the ebook The Subtle Beauty by Ann Hunter #Crownsofthetwelve

           * I received this ebook for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

                        The Subtle Beauty by Ann Hunter kindle edition can be found here on Amazon.

Overview from the publisher:

"In this Tale as Old as Time with a Celtic twist, beauty IS the beast.

A cursed prince. A vain beauty. Glory is the seventh daughter of Balthazar, High King of the Twelve Kingdoms. Glory hopes that - of all her sisters - she can escape the fate of a loveless marriage. But on the night she plans to elope with the royal falconer, her world comes crashing down: Her father announces Glory's betrothal to Eoghan of the Blood Realm - a prince no one has ever seen. The prince is said to be a recluse, cursed and deformed by the gods for the sins of his power-hungry father. Yet when Glory is trapped in Blackthorn Keep she discovers that not everything is what she expected. An insulting gryphon, a persistent ghost, and a secret plan to usurp the prince keep Glory reeling. Can she overcome her vanity to learn that what you want isn’t necessarily what you need—and save the cursed prince?"  

This was a lovely story of the fantasy/fairy tale type. It was well written and engaging about a princess named Glory and her journey into learning what true love is really about. When she is expected to marry Eoghan of the blood realm and not her true love the royal falconer; a story unfolds that changes everything she believed. That there is so much more to a person's worth than just their beauty. Tragedy and triumph, which will prevail? Read this story to find out more. The great writing helps you connect to the characters in the story. By the end of the book you are left wanting more and not believing that it ended that way. :-) Great read for young adults and older. I would definitely recommend checking this one out.


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