Friday, April 22, 2016

Easter in our new home in NC :-)

Moving and planning a holiday can be quite a challenge and Saturday was our first night staying in the house and Sunday was Easter! Had to smile and capture a picture of the note Kathleen wrote to the Easter bunny :-)

I did plan and made sure I packed the tablecloth and napkins separately but didn't have too many decorations this year, also never got the chance to dye eggs. However the Easter bunny did find us at our new home and hid eggs for the girls this year. ;-)

                                                         Kathleen's basket of goodies

                                                               Hayley's basket of goodies

Kathleen packed her Easter shirt so she could wear it and Hayley is a great photo bomber lol!

Overall it was a nice quiet day just the four of us. I think we were all too tired to do much of anything and Bojangles was our dinner as we had no appliances, lol.

Mirabelle was quite curious when I started opening cabinets to unpack our dishes, lol.  I kept finding her hiding everywhere I went!

Kathleen is loving all the nature around us and is excited she has her own pine cones for crafts now.

Jerry and Hayley went out to pick up the refrigerators we had found on clearance at Home depot. We were happy to get those, since they were clearanced they had to go pick them up. Hayley is such a great helper and so strong! I was quite thankful for her help getting them off the trailer and in the house!

Of course buying an older home has challenges with the bigger appliances. So after removing the doors we were finally able to get them in the house and into place. One we keep in the garage for extra storage.

                                                         Hope your Friday is fabulous!


Victorian1885 said...

It looks like the girls had a nice Easter! They are growing up so fast... enjoy your new home!

Debby Ray said...

Well, your Easter table was just so the tablecloth. It's fun setting up a new home, although stressful and tiring. Welcome to NC and I hope you are happy in your new home. Have a beautiful and productive weekend! :)

Billie Jo said...

You are amazing!!!
Moving and having Easter?!
Enjoy settling in, my friend. : )

Nonnie said...

I'm so impressed with the way you manage to pull off everything in spite of moving, which is a monumental task. Very nice Easter baskets and lovely table.

Amy at love made my home said...

So glad you are settling in well and that you had a good Easter! I hope that the Easter Bunny bought you a little something too! xx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So how are you liking your new digs? Looks like you've been busy! I love that you still are doing things for the kids to make the holidays special. You are an amazing mom and I know your kids realize that!