Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting lost and finding "pigs", around the yard and starting school

Not long after we moved here I needed to meet Jerry in town for something. Well I ended up getting lost and as the girls and I were walking around town trying to figure out where Jerry was we found the pigs!! Kathleen was so excited and we just had to stop and take a couple pictures. Apparently they are all around this town at different locations. So one day we will be taking a day to just go and find them all and take lots more pictures, just because it's fun :-) LOL. We had something similar when we lived in PA. The town near us called Boyertown has bears all over town you can find. We did that with the girls when they were little. I may have done a blog post about it too I will check and if so post the link.

                                                                They really are adorable!!

The cats have settled in quite well and it should be interesting to see what happens when the dogs get here and claim their territory too, lol Don't think it will be as quiet.

                                                   Definitely a daddy's little girl :-)

                It seems Kathleen is outside enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. She always has her hands busy exploring different textures and she loved finding the clay soil we have here by the pond.

                                There is beauty all around us, even in the little things. :-)

           We of course are just loving the ducks!! It's nice coming out and just enjoying all the nature in our own backyard. We've had geese and blue heron visiting the pond also. We don't really want them taking up residence though so we don't encourage them staying.

As you can see by Jerry's expression he is just thrilled I asked him to stand in the branches of the dogwood tree, lol. He kept commenting how beautiful the flowers were so I told him I had to take a picture of him and just document that moment. :-) You know us bloggers, we record memories of everything!! ;-) The blooms didn't last long and are all gone now....until next Spring!

Pollen here is insane! Every day my van is yellow!!! Luckily it doesn't affect me but Jerry and Hayley were sick for about 2 weeks with congestion and coughs and wheezing. Welcome to the South...

Another thing I love about this home is we have so many beautiful butterflies. Butterflies have a very special meaning to me and my family and I just take it as another sign that we are meant to be in this house.

The other news is Kathleen transferred from home school to the local public school here so that was a huge decision we made. We decided it was the right thing to do as far as moving to a new place and socially she needed that interaction to meet others and get involved in the community. It is strange not having her here during the day now, but it is the right choice for now. She is enjoying it even though she says she misses being home with me. Not an easy decision at all and we still learn at home as well.

Hayley started at the local high school and has already met a great group of friends. In only her first three days she was invited to the movies and the following week to a party. So she is adjusting really well and I'm so relieved. It's tough transferring so far in the year, let alone being high school. Unfortunately she loses a lot of her credits because she has changed to  a block schedule here. Which is different from the semester schedules she is accustomed to. But we are all together this time so it is worth the changes. :-)

Mirabelle is quite happy I don't have all the boxes put away yet, lol. One of our challenges is our master bedroom. Being an older home, we lost a lot of closet space and the size of our room is a lot smaller. So finding a place to put everything has been challenging! This past weekend we did find an old armoire and I will update more about that soon.

Another thing delaying the unpacking process is we are painting a few rooms and it is over paneling so it takes several coats, also painting some of the doors because they are dark. As we get things completed I will post some before and after pictures. :-) Lots of projects on our list here.

This week our first house guest; our nephew is here visiting so my next post will be a little about that. Spending quality time with him so I have put the unpacking and projects on hold for now.

                                                            Have a wonderful day!!!!



Sheila said...

Welcome to North Carolina!! The pollen abounds here!! Love the house and land. We've lived in NC for 10 years and I still get lost. The last time was on my way home from Charlotte. I somehow got off on the wrong exit and got lost in Lexington--well, I got lost because I listened to my GPS instead of following my memory like I should have. =) It's wonderful how your girls are settling into their new schools and home.
When we lived in PA, the areas around Harrisburg had cows! They were so fun to locate.
Best of luck in your continued unpacking!


Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you are settling in well! It sounds as though you have found a great place to live, hope you keep enjoying it!

Billie Jo said...

Looks as if you are settling in nicely.
Love all your nature!

Nonnie said...

What fun to have the pig statutes. Love the pic of your husband in the dogwood and your capturing every moment. So happy that your daughters are doing so well in the transition and enjoying the house. Just beautiful.

Stephanie said...

What a joy to hear your girls are adjusting well to their new home and school. I can imagine you miss your little one, but I am sure she is enjoying meeting new friends :)

So glad all is going well. Hugs!