Monday, April 11, 2016

Leaving Ohio

I am still here :-) I am taking a few minutes today to update you all on what has been happening. We have been so crazy busy with this move and trying to get unpacked, registered for school and painting rooms before unpacking and before ordering our living room furniture so it has been crazy!

First a few pictures of leaving Ohio behind.... a short year and a half....

Hayley's friends at school made her a cake and in one of her classes the teacher let them give her a good bye party. There were tears, hugs and not goodbyes but until we see each other again. :-)

What a great group of kids she was blessed to meet and get to know well with her time in Ohio.

              I took a picture on her last day when she was getting off the bus for the final time.

Jerry and I took the girls and a couple of their friends shopping the weekend we were preparing to move. Here are their silly faces, lol!

And then their smiles....

                      The carefree days of being a teenager and just having a great time together!

                      Kathleen was so excited to have two of her friends come along with us also.

The mall we went to has a cool aquarium in it. The girls enjoyed looking at all the fish and plants inside.

                               We even made time for everyone to see the Easter bunny! :-)

There is a really neat arcade called Tilt and we took the 3 younger girls in there while Hayley and her friends shopped all day.

                        They had so much fun and were excited about all the prizes they won.

                      Very cool they even had a tilt a whirl inside! One of my favorite rides ;-)

                                       Even amongst the boxes they had fun and built a fort!

Moving day we had to keep Mirabelle and Elvis crated. They weren't too happy about it, but it was the best way to keep them safe with all the doors open.

That moment again.... when you see the moving truck arrive and all your emotions go into overload.

           Then they misdirected the truck and it got stuck in our yard..... only our luck I tell ya ;-)

So you guessed it... they had to get a tow truck to pull the tractor trailer out of our yard. Never a dull moment when we move.

                                       And finally safely in our driveway ready to get loaded.

                See all that mud??? That's because it sank so deep in our grass it left huge ruts!

                    Not what you want to see when you are putting your house on the market!

                          They did get some top soil and came back to fill it in the next day.

Of course we will miss lots of things about living there, like the swings we all loved so much. So the girls went out to enjoy them one last time.

All packed and ready to head to NC. Cats did well after a bumpy start... they settled down and slept a lot once we got moving.

                               Kathleen was pretty tired out too and went to sleep for a little bit. :-)

We have all been pretty tired from the whole whirlwind process of this move. After less than a week on the market our home in Ohio is under contract! Looking forward to getting it through to settlement. :-)

We are busy working here at our new home and I will post updates soon. I've committed to  few review posts so you will be seeing a few of those as well. Thanks to all of you that have been checking in with me, I appreciate it so much!!! Will be back soon :-)



Debby Ray said...

Oh how exciting and so...STRESSFUL! Moving is such a huge thing but isn't it funny, when it's all said and done, we get through it just fine! I think I anticipate it too much, creating more stress than necessary. Bless you as you get settled in and looking forward to seeing you in your NC home!

Anonymous said...

Jill, such bittersweet pictures! I can imagine that you miss Ohio. I hope you are settling in, kitties and all!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh my, parting is such sweet sorrow! So nice that your girls met such nice friends there and that they had such a great time on their last outing. I hope your move is going well and that you are nicely settled in soon. Looking forward to reading about your new adventure. Hugs xo Karen

Billie Jo said...

Oh my friend...
The move is behind you!
And now the settling in begins...
Can't wait to see your new place and share it with you.
Take your time...
We will be here when you return! : )

Kris said...

You all have been so very much on my mind! I am glad you hear that after a "rutty" start, you are there, and settling in. Also, so happy to hear that you are under contract with your Ohio home. I am eager to hear about your new place. I was relieved to hear from Hayley via IG, that she has made some friends already. That is so important. Of course, she is so fun, she will make many, many friends. And Kathleen? She is going to public school here? Is she having a good time? I hope so....I know you and Jerry are working hard, and still have your work cut out for you there. But you are in my thoughts!
xo Kris

McVal said...

Awe.... Great memories.

Camille said...

What a crazy few months for you all!! I enjoyed this post documenting your last weeks in Ohio and some of the process of moving. What a HUGE job it is!! I am sure you will make your new home a place of refuge and comfort for your family....they are blessed. :) I do hope your Ohio home sale goes smoothly for you. It's quite a different process to sell a home there in the States...Canada has simpler rules to it all it seems. Hugs, Camille

Nonnie said...

Somehow I missed seeing this post. Some very good pictures and looks like very fun, fond farewells for your daughters. They are growing up. That moving truck stuck is priceless. What a beautiful place you are leaving behind. I can understand the emotions, but you all are facing a bright future in a new place and I can't wait to see all the pics.

anxsity means friendship said...

Kathleen and teh one girl have the same pants on