Monday, April 18, 2016

Our new home and moving day to NC

I know many of you have been waiting for this post and reveal of our new home and it's finally here, lol. These photos I had taken when we first looked at the property and knew we just had to write a contract. This was in February before the trees started to fill in with beautiful blooms. There will be a lot of posts coming with lots more pictures. We love this house and it truly feels like home to all of us. Jerry and I decided, this is it... our forever home :-) It's a rancher/cape cod style with 3 bedrooms and a bath upstairs, master on main level and a finished basement  and more all around 4,000 square feet on just over 5 acres.

The previous homeowners took wonderful care of this home built in 1968. It has the charm and character that is not found in newer homes today. And we absolutely love that it is unique and it has everything we were looking for in a home. Not to mention we bought the adjoining land with a pond adding all together a little over 5 acres. :-)

Jerry finally gets a nice big workshop to work on all his projects, he's already mentioned the roof needs painting! LOL. Our to do list is very long, but we are excited and I will share the updates with you all as we go along. NC you all is a thing here :-)

The property is just like waking up in a park each day. It's so beautiful and peaceful here. We really feel it was meant to be how everything just seemed to fall into place.

                    Gorgeous mature pine trees offer lots of privacy all around the property.

This is absolutely one of my favorite pictures of Kathleen, she was running down to us from the house with pure joy and excitement on her face. Saying how much she loved the house and yard!

Fast forward to when we arrived and we were greeted by the ducks in our pond! If you follow me on instagram and Facebook you would have already seen some photos and videos of them :-) If you don't follow me there yet, the links are in my sidebar.

Jerry surprised me with wine from a local winery, which is absolutely delicious! He wanted to be sure we had something to celebrate with.

He also bought me the porch swing I've always wanted. At settlement he hung it up on the porch for me so when we pulled in I would see it first thing. He was in NC a week before we arrived to start his job and to settle on the house.

Kathleen cracks me up she ran in the house, dropped her socks and shoes and ran outside to run in the grass and play! Love her adventurous spirit.  As you can see we have some updating in a couple rooms. I will post some before and afters as we complete them. We recently finished painting the family room but it's not put back together just yet.

We went out as the sun was setting to see the ducks and just take in the fact that it was our home now.

We stayed in a hotel room in the evenings while waiting for the moving truck to arrive. Then we were there a little longer waiting for our new appliances to be picked out and then delivered.

Another thing we absolutely love about this house is all the mature trees and bushes etc. on the property. This beautiful tree and bloom is a
Coquettii' camellia
Camellia japonica 'Coquettii' is a slow-growing selection that bears deep red blooms, sometime double, in mid- to late spring. It grows 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Zones 7-8 (Found on the Better Homes and Gardens website)

           Ours is very large and just gorgeous right next to our driveway. I love the blooms on it.

We noticed that since we had visited there were lots of flowering trees and among them were dogwoods and weeping cherries to name a few.

Kathleen was so very happy to have a large area to ride her bike. We have two driveways, one is made for the mail truck that actually delivers the mail just right out of our front door! No more crossing a busy road on a hill to get the mail each day. :-) The driveways are connected and are fairly long and runs to the back side of the house so she has plenty of room to ride. All blacktopped or concreted too.

                 As the movers were unloading boxes Kathleen was already making fairy houses!

                      She is so super excited to be here and enjoying all this place has to offer.

I was surprised the moving truck actually made it into the small area of the front driveway, but it worked out well for unloading. Hayley really loves it here also, but I can't always convince her to let me post the pictures I

So many great hiding places in our new yard!

We have a sun room off the master bedroom and we put the cat climber out there. They absolutely love it! They did well adjusting, Elvis was hiding out for a couple days, but now he's right with us and getting settled in. Our parents still have our dogs because we were waiting to get a fence and settled in a little before we brought them down. I know they are going to love it here too.

Our realtor here had given us a really nice housewarming card and a gift certificate to Lowes. One of the things I bought with it was this mat that sums up our place perfectly. "Home".

Of course one of the first places we called was cable to get TV and more importantly internet... Jerry didn't want a lot of wired run all over the place so he worked with the cable guy to run wires nicely through the walls. Having an older home makes it a little tricky with modern conveniences. I don't think there's anything Jerry can't fix or make work ;-)

So that's where I will leave it for now.... lots more to come :-) Trying to take a little more time to blog around all the chaos of getting settled in. We are enjoying some beautiful weather here and it sure is hard to be inside working when it's so nice outdoors. ;-)



McVal said...

Oh it's beautiful!!!! Congrats on the new digs!

anxsity means friendship said...

omg I love it soo much aunt cant wait to see u guys again . that yard looks like a lot of perfect hidding spots for Easter eggs also did u tell Hayley and Kathleen about what u and my mom were planning mom told love u sooo much bye

Nonnie said...

Oh my goodness! That is a dream home if I ever saw one. Maybe my home in heaven will be something on that order. You are truly blessed! Congratulations.

Billie Jo said...

Enjoy all that beauty with your sweet family, my friend!

Julie said...

You will be at home there in no time at all. You have a beautiful place there and so much room to grow.
Thank you for sharing, also for you note today.
Take care Jill. Blessings!!

Chelle said...

Your house is great. I hope you share many blessed moments there. I love all the trees they are beautiful.

Sara said...

Beautiful home and property. It looks so peaceful and serene. Enjoy!!

Our Breezy Beach Life

Carrie B. said...

Congrats for getting to your new beautiful home safe and sound Jill!! I just LOVE it!! It's so pretty - and you're right that it has such charm. But that property is absolutely breathtaking!! What a lovely place for your girls to continue to grow up. I can see where it's definitely a keeper and forever home.

Looking so forward to your posts ahead!! So fun!! Blessings to you All and your gorgeous new home. xoxo

Sonya Ann said...

Wow I can see why this will be your forever home. It is beautiful!!!! congrats and I cant wait to see more posts about it.

Sonya Ann said...

Wow I can see why this will be your forever home. It is beautiful!!!! congrats and I cant wait to see more posts about it.

MommaGott said...

Congrats on your new looks beautiful and such gorgeous property!

Stephanie said...

Wow Jill, what a beautiful home with lovely land! And what an exciting time for you and your family :) I look forward to seeing more as you settle in.

Hugs to you!

Debby Ray said...

I just love your new place, Jill! As you can see, I am catching up what I have missed. What a beautiful place to call home!

A. Marie said...

What a beautiful home!! Congratulations! :)