Friday, April 22, 2016

Review of Bodyglide anti chafe balm #Bodyglide

*I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

This product comes in a pack of two, reasonably priced and is perfect for everyone who is active, especially if you play sports or work outside in construction, landscaping and more. If you sweat this product would be beneficial to have. :-)

Some information about this product from the company:

"You can get the following sizes:
All of them are 2-Packs!

  • Feels dry and never wet like skin butters and salves made with petroleum and other oily ingredients
    Resistant to perspiration and water yet it doesn't clog pores and it's hypoallergenic
    Applies right from the stick container so hands stay clean and it washes off with mild soap
    Fragrance free and invisible"

I purchased the double pack of this product so my husband and I could both give it a try. During warmer weather when working out and doing things around the yard it is a great product to have. My husband runs a company and is always running around the yard. We both found the product to work quite well and the rashes my husband would get from the heat and perspiring before have now diminished. It is just like a deodorant and goes on smoothly and seems to last a long time. It is fragrance free and does not leave any marks on your clothing after wearing it. Also seemed to last for quite awhile. We were quite pleased with it and will more than likely order it again.


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