Friday, May 6, 2016

Pond Visitors, Fun in the Sun, Our First House Guest in NC and a Trip to Carowinds!!

We had two Blue Heron visiting our pond the other day and I happened to notice them through our window. Was doing my best to zoom in to  get a few good shots with my camera.

                                                They have the coolest looking eyes I think.

                                           These two ended up hanging out for awhile.

                         Kathleen is always outside still enjoying the weather and the yard.

                  Hayley couldn't find her bike helmet so she was borrowing Kathleen's! LOL :-)

Jerry found this little toad hiding among the boxes in the garage. Right after I took this picture he jumped out towards me and Hayley and we screamed so loud because he startled us! LOL!!

 On this particular beautiful, warm, sunny day we were sitting on the front porch waiting for Hayley to come home from school, Kathleen's bus is about 40 minutes earlier then Hayley's. If you notice my flowers in the back ground they were still in the hanging baskets because I had just bought them, now I have them all nicely planted in the planters ;-)

                                            We found another painted pig at the local Walmart!!!

  Jerry spent some time one evening to fish in the pond to try to find out what type of fish they have in there. Trying to unwind after a long day at work.

                           Apparently not really big ones so far, lol. But relaxing never the less!

        Baking banana bread again... it's a favorite here. Even better with my little helper by my side!

 Getting back to my food prep a little bit, can never have enough diced onions ready to go. These I'm flash freezing, then keeping in the freezer until I'm ready to use them.

We had our first house guest for a week and that is our nephew (Jerry's sister's son) Sean. Since we were bogged down by boxes he was so sweet and helped us break them down to put them in the trailer and take them to recycling. He had been on vacation at the Outer Banks with friends and asked if he could come visit. We said of course, just over look the house and boxes, lol. He's only 22 years old and we think it's awesome he took the time to come and visit us.

                                                Can't tell they are related can you? ;-)

                                                    Relaxing and enjoying the yard.

Jerry was having a lot of problems with his truck not running right and luckily he turned around and just made it home before it died. He had to use my van for a couple days until he could get it fixed. Sean is great with vehicles and helped him fix it, needed a new alternator and the battery needed charging after being the back up so long. Couldn't resist taking this picture, he was too short to lean over so he had to balance on the bumper. :-)

                                                 Love this picture sooooo much!

                                   Playing corn hole or as I like to call it bean bag toss. :-)

      I made Jerry's favorite strawberry cake while Sean was here so he could taste it too. It was a hit!

                            Our rhododendron is blooming out front, such a pretty color.

 Sean said he was getting spoiled because I made meals for him each day. Well one night I told him he had to try the burgers from the local burger place before he left, and he was not disappointed!

We also decided to get our season passes to Carowinds and take him with us for the day. It was cool being in 2 states and at times both states at once! We had a really great time till the rain hit late afternoon, then we called it a day.

                                                    Jerry trying on some hats, lol.....

    We were pretty excited to see Rita's there too! We haven't seen or been to a Rita's since we lived in PA. They didn't have them in Ohio... or at least not where we lived.

           Kathleen even curled up in the grass and was finding all kinds of 4 leaf clovers again!

Kathleen won a few stuffed animals and since she got two of the same she gave one to a little girl and just made her day!

What an awesome day and a great week spending time with Sean. So proud of him and the man he is becoming. :-)

                                                              Have a fantastic Friday!!!!


Amy at love made my home said...

Great to catch up with your news! Glad that all is good. Amazing photos of the heron!

Carrie B. said...

Love the catch up Jill! Such great photos too! I love seeing how you're enjoying your new beautiful property -even catching fish!! ;)

Your nephew looks so sweet. Looks like life is good down South. Lol

Blessings to you All! xoxo