Friday, May 13, 2016

Quick Weekend Trip, Finding Old Bottles, Time With Some Family and Friends

We took a quick weekend trip back "home" to pick up our dogs from my parents house. We've missed them a lot! We planned to go get them the same weekend that Hayley's best friend Breanne was celebrating her sweet 16th birthday party. As a surprise we arranged it with Breanne's mom so we could meet and have Hayley surprise her for her big day. She thought there was no way Hayley could come since we lived so far away. Needless to say these smiles say it all! She was very surprised and they had a great time!

So we drove from NC to MD, then to PA 1/2 way to meet Breanne's mom... then back to MD. to see our nieces and then Sunday morning met back up 1/2 way with Breanne's mom to pick Hayley up... back to MD. to get dogs and to head back to NC with my parents following us down. It was a whirlwind weekend and quite exhausting! Not a lot of sleep either....

We knew we were back to our original "home" when driving around we saw the Raven's logo on an UTZ van :-)

My girls with our beautiful niece Gabby... she's graduating in a couple weeks and we wanted to see her and spend time with her since we can't make it back for her actual graduation. :-(. Can't tell they are related at all can you? LOL.

Kathleen was super happy too that she was able to spend time with her cousin Neve and they were catching up on the gift exchanges since we haven't seen them in months! So Christmas and birthday catch ups!
Neve is growing up so quickly! Miss seeing her and miss spending time with her. Can't wait until they come to visit here!

We did a little cake to celebrate Hayley and Neve's birthday since they won't be together again this year due to distance.

Kathleen and Neve were digging out in my parents woods and found a whole collection of old bottles, old flashlight, a heel of a shoe and more. They had such a good time exploring and it was pretty cool to see all the old stuff they found.

           Apparently these bottles had ants in them and she didn't want to put them up on the railing, lol.

Owen was quite happy to come back down the road with us and stayed by Kathleen's side the whole ride. They were all very happy to be in their new home!

                            Love this picture of my parents and the girls in our back yard. :-)

And our magnolia tree is beginning to bloom!! It's massive in the front yard and I'm so excited... so as soon as more open up I will post more pictures. :-)

                                                         Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Shannon said...

What a sweet trip! Love all the treasures the girls found and the picture with your parents is priceless. Have a wonderful weekend!

Billie Jo said...

This made me tired just reading it!!!!
Love your girls, my friend!
Have a nice weekend!!!!

Katie Clooney said...

Looks like a great get away. Those girls did some serious digging!

Victorian1885 said...

Great memories made that day...what lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I'm happy that you have all your little fur babies home once again. Isn't life in NC grand!

Sonya Ann said...

Wow, you are an amazing mom. What a wonderful surprise! I'm sure she will always remember getting to see her friend!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you had a great time and that the doggies are back with you!

Camille said...

What FUN for the girls to find buried treasures! (Not the ants, of course)....but, everything else! Like a time capsule. Happy May to you! XO