Friday, May 27, 2016

Walking around our yard, an abandoned home and a double rainbow to enjoy

See momma duck peeking out of the bushes? She has quite a few eggs in there she is sitting on and we are so excited. Hoping this round of eggs survive, she abandoned her last nest.

                These are the 2 males (dads) in our pond and they keep a very close watch over her.

The Canadian Geese have become quite protective of us too. They watch over the yard and the other animals and when they see crows or other threats they attack them and scare them off the property.

Although they can be messy, I enjoy seeing them everyday. Our neighbor next door does not like them coming into his pond and he shoots at them which I am not a fan of at all. One it is too dangerous to shoot so close to homes and with children playing outside and 2 those geese are doing nothing wrong. :-( Country or not it's upsetting...

This little house behind what was a beautiful tree belonged to a family member of the previous owners. It is at the edge of our current property and has a garage also. It was being auctioned off about 2 weeks after we bought this house and property but our property line is literally a couple feet off this back door. At the court house Jerry went to show interest and to let others interested know that it was basically right on the property line. Well the guy didn't listen and then he purchased it without knowing where the line was and Jerry saw him cutting down our tree, it's on our side and went to talk to him and let him know where the markers were, he also told the guy that the septic was on our property which we found out from prior homeowner... the prior owner also said to us it would make sense for only us to have the property because no one else could really do anything with it.

When the guy found out the septic and tree were on our property he left the branches sit and him and his wide, kids and guy working for him left. Leaving us to clean up the mess :-( Being an abandoned property it already didn't look the greatest. So now we have no idea what the guy's plans are. Jerry mentioned to him if he was going to sell let us know. It's about an acre but it is small. The prior owners had all family members here so it worked for them but when the brother got sick with cancer and couldn't make the payments the county took the home. They wouldn't release it for the family members to buy and it sat for 15 years vacant. The brother had passed away..... sad story.... hopefully something will get sorted and bring this little home back to it's former glory. For now it's an eye sore from our property and super sad to see our tree so harshly cut, it has begun to die....

            This is the garage next to the little house. Has a lot of potential just needs some love.

Just enjoying a beautiful day and walking around reflecting on things and being aware of all that surrounds me. Like this little bee working hard and traveling between the dandelion and flowers.

                                                   Ducks and the Geese in perfect harmony :-)

I was lucky to catch this shot of momma duck when she took a break from sitting on the eggs. She was so happy to get a bath and she was shaking off the water. LOL. Totally in her glory :-)

                                                       Found some wild strawberries too!

A very large mushroom.... I bet there are some pretty magical fairies building a home under there! ;-)

                                 Hayley found some moss and rocks to make a craft out of.

One of the best discoveries was this double rainbow out across our front yard. It was so beautiful and even as a light rain fell I went out to take pictures.

                                     So beautiful and peaceful.... God's promise to us all....

We have a busy weekend ahead! Jerry and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary on the 28th! We've been together for a total of 26 years. Tonight we are going to a nice dinner and staying at a nice hotel while my parents are here with the girls. Looking forward to some time away :-)

Then we come back tomorrow afternoon and Jerry's brother and fiance will be visiting. Sunday is Hayley's 15th birthday and we will be having a little party here with all her new friends. Will be posting updates about it all soon!

Have a wonderful, relaxing, safe Memorial Day weekend!! Remember the true reason to celebrate and thank those for our freedom! I know my family and I are very grateful!!



Images Animated Gif said...

Have a nice weekend!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, wonderful post. I love the cute geese. The rainbow is beautiful, pretty sky captures. Sorry about your tree! Happy 22nd Anniversary! Happy Friday, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Jeanette Schenk said...

What an amazing toadstool! Little fairy home. Happy Anniversary!

Nonnie said...

What a sad story to read in the midst of all the wonderful photos. The ducks, geese, toadstool and rainbow pics are so good, and I love the duck shaking herself! Good job. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to Hayley!

Wendi said...

Beautiful rainbow!

Patti said...

Happy anniversary to you and Jerry, and happy birthday to Hayley!

Camille said...

Happy Anniversary!!! So glad you were able to get away for a night...what a treat. Your property is gorgeous. The Canadian Geese are so common here and they do make a mess. They can get quite protective and will charge if they feel careful! :) I hope your duck hatches out her sweet that would be. So sad about that abandoned house and your tree. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. Happy birthday to Hayley! Hugs, Camille

Carrie B. said...

Such beautiful photos Jill! That rainbow!! ::sigh::

So sorry to hear about your "neigbors" and all of that mess. I pray that they will sell it to you and you can truly take care of the whole property.

Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday to Hayley! What a busy weekend ahead - in the best ways. ;)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend as well. xoxo

Alison said...

Happy anniversary to you both! What wonderful rainbow pictures, surely there must be a pot of gold at the end.. xx

Tara said...

That rainbow is amazing! I've never seen one so crisp and clear!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jerry. Enjoy your time away.
Your yard and animals are so cute. Love seeing the pictures.
Sorry your new neighbor was so rude. Hopefully you guys can end of owning the land and make the little house and garage into something cute and rentable.
Take care and have an awesome weekend. We do have so much to be thankful for.

mamasmercantile said...

Belated wished for you anniversary, hope you had a wonderful time away crating some beautiful memories to treasure. Such a lovely blog, I will follow your adventures with interest.