Friday, June 17, 2016

Fishing, Shopping, Mishaps, Dave and Busters and Celebrations! #summer

Hello!!! Summer is finally in full swing at our home and we have been busy with house guests coming to see our new home. As I write I have more friends on the way and can't wait! It's always a blessing to be able to share our home with others. This post has a little bit of what's been happening the last few days. Our blue heron came to visit our pond. :-)

Our magnolia tree is popping out a few blooms at a time. I was hoping it would all bloom at once but it seems that is not their plan, lol.

     Jerry has been busy mowing to prepare for our guests to enjoy the yard and just come to unwind.

Kathleen had her last day of 4 th grade with straight A's!!! We've been told she is going to be tested for a gifted student program at the beginning of next year since she is so smart :-) Also chosen to participate in battle of the books. So proud of her!

                              She had some fun at Build A Bear, or in her case a rabbit, lol :-)

My childhood friend Teresa and her family came to spend a few days with us and Jerry took Sheldon and his son Colin fishing in our pond. This was Colin's first time fishing and he really enjoyed it.

These two caught one at the same time so I came out at the perfect moment to capture their catches. :-)

            It was a beautiful evening to be outside. Our ducks just hanging out and relaxing too ;-)

                                     Look at that smile... can you tell he was having fun?

                              Great job Colin!!! Glad we could share this first with you! :-)

Kathleen is still leary about catching them as she doesn't want to hurt them and of course we throw them back in but she has Jerry take them back off the hook :-)

We took Caitlin (pictured here) and Teresa to the mall in our area for a girl's day of shopping and had a blast!

In front of the movies Kathleen found these displays to hang out by, she wants to see both movies.

Driving down the road we saw a van carting a Volkswagen so of course had to take a picture for Hayley :-)

               Finding Dory!! Have plans to see this movie this weekend!!!!! Can't wait!! lol!!!

Carowinds did not work out due to no parking spaces at all..... so we drove to Dave and Busters with everyone to have some fun. Kathleen has been wanting to go here for quite awhile.

She won this bear in the claw machine and he was just hanging by a thread, lol.. so we had to have one of the employees get him out!

                                     This girl has a lot of luck with claw machines!

In other news Kathleen put crayons in her pocket from a restaurant we went to and forgot to take them out before they went through the washer and dryer....

In case this happens to you... re soak in wash cycle with really hot water before rinsing (her clothes were rainbow colored and we thought ruined) Magic eraser worked well getting it out of the dryer drum! I have to give kudos to Jerry he used some serious elbow grease to get it all out!

          While playing kick ball Hayley managed to kick it into this tree..... which Kathleen shook out.

                    And this super tall tree... lol which we had to wait for the wind to knock out!

I am trying to get back on track with healthy eating and exercising so I bought a Fitbit blaze. So far I'm loving it!

 Been brewing some delicious teas from Teavana! Just found this store for the first time and I love it!!

I received these photos from my mom of my niece Neve winning an award.  So wish we could have been there in person to see her.

I know you read my blog Neve and we are so proud of you! Miss and love you and can't wait till you come visit!!!

She also celebrated her birthday that we weren't there for either due to distance but we were there in thoughts and spirit. I heard it was a super cool Alice in Wonderland party!!

My other niece on Jerry's side graduated high school! Boy do I feel old! Congratulations Gabrielle we couldn't be more proud of you and wish we were there to share in that moment too!!! Love you!!

Moving away is tough... but I am thankful for technology to share in the moments as much as we can. I treasure all my photos and videos and look forward to getting visitors. :-) Have a fantastic weekend!



Sheila said...

It looks like y'all are settling in nicely! Love the pond and the birds. Magic erasers work really well on leaky ink pens that go through the washer and dryer! Summer is definitely here in NC--we've had quite a few days in the upper 90's already! =(

Saimi said...

Aw, I really enjoyed your post! I saw you over at Barbs blog - Ok, so Magic eraser huh, man who woulda thought - Ive had pens go through the dryer and made the same kind of mess. I tried the old fashion way with hairspray, the thing is, the fumes are terrible - it works but not worth breathing the fumes. It's the Magic eraser from now on!

Have a nice weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

Technology is amazing these days so wonderful that you can keep up with family and friends and share in such special events.

Stephanie said...

What a joy to see what you have been up to. Your daughter Kathleen is simply precious and what a delight to have such a smart young lady :) The kids like they are having great fun fishing and a day spent at the mall is always wonderful.

Hugs to you!

Amy at love made my home said...

Wonderful as always to catch up with you! Glad you managed to save the dryer!