Friday, June 17, 2016

Review of DonVino Wine Glass Markers #donvino

Have you ever had an experience at a nice restaurant celebrating a special occasion where the cook will write on the dishes with syrup or food safe markers and it just makes you smile? I know when we visited Disney World and celebrated our anniversary and birthdays it was pretty cool to see.

I recently was able to create this experience at home with these awesome wine glass markers from DonVino that you can find here

As you can see you can create on plates and other non porous surfaces. It is recommended to try a small area first to be sure it will come off easily. I did this on my China plates with no issues. :-)

                                  They write very easily on the wine glasses as well.

Hard to see with the lighting but we added little hearts at the bottom also. These markers are a great alternative to using wine markers that you clip on. One of the things I really like is it is 100% non toxic and it comes off very easily either by hand washing with warm soapy water or by placing it in the dishwasher. I left the liquids out for review pictures so you could see it more clearly.

*I received these markers for a heavily discounted price from DonVino in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Since mason jars have so many great uses I thought it would be fun to store these in one when I'm not using them and it gives me easy access to them in my cupboard next to my glasses. :-)

After writing on the glasses wait about 2 minutes to let the ink dry completely before adding beverages. If you are serving a chilled wine consider writing at the base or above the liquid line in order to keep it from smearing as the glass may sweat.

Room temperature drinks you can write anywhere you want outside the glass and shouldn't have any problems with it smearing.

                                  You can see they have a fine tip easy for writing with.

I really enjoyed these markers and I have also enjoyed writing little notes on the plates and cups for the girls at meal time. Just adds a little something special to their day. :-) If you entertain a lot this is a perfect addition to your supplies and would also make a great gift! Enjoy!!


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