Friday, June 3, 2016

Winner of Santa Cruz Agua Fresca and Celebrating our 22nd Wedding Anniversary!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Santa Cruz Organic Agua Fresca giveaway. :-)

The winner is Jen!!!

Jen, I've sent you an email, please email me your address so I can get those out to you asap!

Catching up on this past weekend.... Post 1 ;-)

Wow, this dated picture below shows two young people very happy and very much in love. Now 26 years later and still together nothing has changed except the love has grown deeper and our love has expanded to our two beautiful girls now making us a family. 

May 28th, 1994, 22 years ago when I was just 19 years old, I married the love of my life and to this day I wouldn't change a thing. You're too young they said... you haven't lived they said... it will never work out they said.... They were WRONG.

See the pattern there? Don't live your life based on what others think or feel or judge you for. Live your life by making choices that will bring you joy and what you know in your heart to be right. Will you make mistakes? Absolutely, but they will all be a learning experience from which you will grow. Not only have I've had great life experiences I've been able to share that with someone I love. :-)

I take my marriage seriously it's not something to just be thrown away when things don't work the way you had hoped they would. It's standing by the person you love and growing with them. Too many people give up over the little things, but you have to look at the big things. The things that truly matter, how they treat you, do they respect you, are your goals about family in sync? These are just a few of many characteristics that make Jerry and I a good team and we want our girls to have the same expectations of a person when they date... someone who will treat them right.

You have to remember the reasons you fell in love and embrace them and recreate them. Jerry has always made me laugh... does he drive me a little crazy sometimes too? Absolutely but that's just another thing to love about him. When he looks into my eyes I know how much he truly loves me and stands by me. I know he is the most amazing dad and that my girls and I are blessed beyond measure. We are a team.... supporting each other, loving each other and working through life's trials and tribulations.

On Friday, the night before our anniversary, Jerry came home early and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses!

                                                                They smell so lovely!

                                                          They opened up so beautifully!

                          Can you find Hayley in this picture below? LOL, always photobombing!

He also surprised me by booking a room for a night at a grand hotel and resort called the Grandover.

                                              The rooms were really nice and spacious.

Not long after we arrived in the room we were surprised by a knock at the door. The staff gave us a complimentary gift basket with an anniversary card. They provided a tray, cups, plates and napkins to enjoy our goodies. It was such a nice surprise!

                They even gave us an anniversary card that everyone had signed at the front desk!

We enjoyed a really nice dinner in the hotel restaurant Di Valletta, I took photos of the appetizers we had and the desserts, but forgot to take pictures of the actual meals, lol! Guess we were pretty hungry ;-)

This was a lobster artichoke dip with parmesan crusted bread

                        Everything was really delicious and wonderful service all around!

Crab cake in a portabella mushroom with sauce

                                            Candlelit dinner with floating rose petals. :-)

I had tarimisu! I haven't had that in years and it was rich and delicious! I couldn't even finish it all.

                                    Jerry had a coconut chocolate cake that he said was delicious!

The next morning we decided to enjoy breakfast in bed, now that doesn't happen at our house, lol.

                               The pictures don't do it justice because everything was really good!

                                                Even fresh flowers on the tray, how nice :-)

I took a picture of this antique chair to show Hayley, as she loves antiques as much as I's even more beautiful in person! A lot of the decor was. I only wish I had time to take more photos but we were so rushed.

This is a snapshot of one of the foyers. The hotel is huge! So many different rooms, etc it was easy to get lost, lol.

A funny story.... I'm not a fan of elevators so I always take the stairs. We found out our room was on the third floor so I said to Jerry let's hit the stairs... well there are a lot of stairwells in this hotel and we were in a couple and decided to try our luck in one and steadily this is with an arm load of our bags too! I said to Jerry something didn't seem right about the stairwell but he said let's keep going we should almost be there... so we climbed and climbed (floors not labelled where we were, lol....all the way to the roof level lol. Well by the time we made our way back down and got our work out in for the week... and finally found our room... I sacrificed my fears and rode the elevator the rest of the time, exhaling only when the elevator doors opened back up and I could step outside, lol. I'm not even claustrophobic... I just always think the cable is going to break! LOL, too many movies filling my head I suppose ;-)

We also forgot to get a picture taken of us together on this special day, lol. I think we need to take time to get more of them together and remember the moments. We had a lovely time but it went too fast! We left early Saturday after breakfast to get home and prepare for Hayley's birthday party we were having on Sunday..... to be continued!

                        Our wedding song by Bryan Adams.... Everything I do, I do it for you......

                   Happy 22 wedding anniversary Jerry and many more. Love you very much!



Laura Lane said...

That's an amazing anniversary getaway! Good for you!
We celebrated our 30th anniversary last week with dinner at a local steak house. That's something we never do. We've always wanted to go on a cruise, but it keeps getting put off for another decade. ~grin~
Be blessed, we married young, too, and I don't regret it.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Patti said...

This is such a lovely post. Looks and sounds like an awesome getaway.

As you know, Gary and I celebrated our 30th back in February, and we were able to do a little "staycation" at a local resort-ish hotel. I think anniversaries deserve to be celebrated!

We've had our share of difficult times, but we persevered through them, and our marriage is stronger because of it. So many people nowadays (of my generation and younger) just want to walk out when the going gets tough. Almost no one of my parents (or previous) generation did that. Those generations had a strength of character not often seen in the generations after the Baby Boomers.

Anyhow, congratulations! Wishing y'all many more.

Oh, and I decided to start blogging again. No, I'm not back at my film blog. I just don't want to do that anymore. But I do want to blog, so I started a home-centered blog called Embracing Home. Please stop by if you get a chance.


Nonnie said...

Wow! You definitely picked a keeper! Congratulations and happy anniversary.

MommaGott said...

I am so excited that I won!! Thanks again Jill! Happy Anniversary!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Happy Anniversary! Congrats to the winner!

Have a happy weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

Belated anniversary wishes, sounds like an amazing break away you are certainly blessed.

Billie Jo said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend!!!
Such a lovely way to celebrate!

Camille said...

Happy 22nd Anniversary to you both, Jill and Jerry! What a blessing to have each other on life's journey. I'm so happy for you that you had a surprise night away....what fun! Hugs, Camille

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This made me smile :) happy 22nd wedding anniversary!!