Friday, July 8, 2016

Review of the ebook The Last Humans by Dima Zales #TheLastHumans

I received this complete trilogy of sci-fi stories to read through ebook format. The Last Humans by Dima Zales can be purchased by clicking here on Amazon.

The Last Humans is an interesting story that draws you in as a reader due to being well written by the author. It starts in the first book called Oasis, moves on to the next book Limbo and concludes in the last book Haven. You are introduced to an earth that is years in the future that is no longer what it once was. In many areas instead of lush greens and oceans you have the dreaded goo. Theory is that "ancient" earth as it is referred to was destroyed by advancing technology that just grew out of control. Theo is a 23 year old who talks with Phoe, a voice in his head? Could she be real... is he dillusional? Is she imaginary to help him get through? Liam and Mason are friends with Theo and when something happens with Mason the story shifts and changes rapidly. Quietude is a place the elders send you for saying or doing the wrong things. For instance there is strong language in this book but it woven in to show it is not tolerated in this new earth of Oasis.

In this story you will become familiar with what a nanocyte is and how it plays a big part throughout the stories. Just when I thought I had it figured out, a twist was thrown in and it was off to page turning enthusiasm to find out what was going to happen next! The adventures increase and we learn what is important and what is ours to protest and who we can trust. It's eye opening to things that although fictional make you wonder what if? What if this kind of thing could happen to our society one day? It's an interesting spin on our perceptions of things and how they can be misleading at times. That everything we thought we knew was drastically altered. I enjoyed reading this series and it's one I'll pass on to Hayley to read as well. Although I must stress it is NOT for younger children due to the strong language and some graphic parts.

I am not one who likes to give away everything about a book's plot, I like to leave suspense and intrique for the future reader :-) It's a great story I think you will enjoy, especially if you like science fiction. Though the genre is not usually my choice in books, I did find this series quite interesting. :-)

* I received this ebook series for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*



McVal said...

Ooh! That looks interesting! And not just because of the bad language...

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really love that cover...sounds intriguing!!