Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review of New York Biology Retinol Advanced Anti-Aging Moisturizer #newyorkbiology #retinolmoisturizer #antiaging

Looking for an anti-aging moisturizer that works within a few days? I was quite impressed when I received this retinol advanced anti-aging cream made by New York Biology for a review. I carefully select the products I choose to review by reading their ingredients and choosing ones that don't have an entire list of harsh chemicals in them. I was happy to see this product included natural items such as green tea, vitamin E and B5 and wheat germ oil to name a few. Green tea and wheat germ oil are natural antioxidents. When using these ingredients it has been shown to help prevent damage to your skin caused by environmental and other chemical exposure.

Retinol cream is a great product to help with stimulating the growth of collagen production and therefore helping to aid in speeding up cell turnover and even helping to reduce and fade old acne scars. During this process you will begin to see your skin transform and become younger looking by firming, smoothing and helping to decrease wrinkles and fine lines. Can also help reduce and fight against dark spots on your skin from the sun and aging.

Some things I like about this product is you get 1.7 fl ounces and you only need a small amount to apply to your face and neck twice a day. So it will last a long time. Honestly I use mine once a day in the evening and I already notice a difference in my skin. It's easy application also keeps your product sanitary.  I let my sister try it as well when she visited for a few days. She also liked how quickly you noticed a difference and no redness. All you do is gently push down on the top and it provides you with just the amount you need to apply. There is also no harsh scent to this product. Another huge plus to using this product is it is made in the United States! 

If you'd like to try a product that really works, you can purchase this retinol advanced anti aging moisturizer here  Perfect time to try it out as it is on sale! :-)

*I received this product for free from New York Biology in exchange for my honest review. All                                                                           opinions are my own. *


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