Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crochet, Stella, Flubber, the lake and visitors! Summer has been busy!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and the girls head back to school on Monday the 29th! It has been flying by with all our visitors :-) If you already follow me on Instagram some of these pictures will look familiar, ;-). After school shopping the other week I took the girls out for lunch and Kathleen was crocheting while we waited for our meals. Yes she is wearing a scarf she made and drinking hot cocoa in 100 degree heat! Silly girl! LOL!! She also made the head band she is wearing out of her Rainbow Loom bands. I'm so proud of her and all she keeps herself busy with. :-)

Stella, my parent's new puppy has been staying here with them the past couple weeks and she is just full of energy! She was hanging out with Hayley while she was reading the Book Thief, which by the way is a great movie if you haven't seen it yet. Very emotional so you may want to have a box of tissues nearby. Anyone seen it or read the book yet?

See Kathleen photobombing in the mirror ;-)

       We bought Stella a little fox and hedgehog with squeakers in them and she just loves them!!!

She may be just a little bit spoiled rotten, lol! Here she is sleeping on my dad's legs in the recliner.

My mom and dad made flubber with Kathleen and had a blast. Always fun to play with, but I'm glad it was done outside as it can be quite messy, lol.

Patches gets terrified of the storms so he was hanging out in the sun room with us while one was raging outside. Leashes are necessary right now with the dogs and cats adjusting to Stella......

My bestie Dawn and her parents and husband came to visit the other day. They are looking at some property down here and hopefully will be moving down!!! I am beyond excited and hope that it all works out. We've been friends since the 6th grade and it would be awesome to have her nearby!!! That's her dad photobombing our picture outside Cracker Barrel where we had lunch.

While she was here I gave her a little makeover with my business products. Here you can see her right eye is the before (hardly can tell she has lashes) and the left side is after applying the 3D microfiber lash mascara! What a difference!! She loved it and that's only one application!!

                                              A nice neutral look perfect for everyday!

                                       I miss her so much and the time went by way too fast!!!!

We also had Mike and Livey and their daughter Michelle and her 2 children come and visit one weekend. We all had a blast hanging out, having a cook out, swimming and catching up! Mike and Livey have been friends with my parents for many, many years. My sister grew up with their daughter and I with their son as we are all close in age.

One night we went and enjoyed a lovely evening on the lake. Was such a beautiful night and the sun was reflecting on the water. Just so serene and relaxing.

                                                       A gorgeous sunset another evening.....

      Jerry went in his shed to get something and found this frog that jumped out and scared him, lol.

Visitors this past weekend were Helen and Wilbur who are dear friends of ours that we consider family. They used to live down here in NC with us before when we used to live here years ago. Now they are back up in MD. and we miss them very much. Haven't seen them since 2012!!! I love this picture, Kathleen was dishing out ice cream for all of us and putting on toppings and heated up marshmallows. It was so sticky it wasn't coming out of the bowl very well. We were all laughing so hard!! Then when it was put on the ice cream it really hardened up, lol. We all looked pretty funny trying to eat it and get it off the spoon!

Yes...they are curled up under a blanket sharing the chair... as all my company knows I keep a cold house, lol.

           Miss you guys!!! Can't wait to see you again! Hopefully much sooner than last time!!!

Whew, that was a lot of catching up! More coming soon with some recipes and more. Have a wonderful rest of the week!



Tara said...

Love that you filled your summer with so much love... is it back to school soon?

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful post, my friend! Little Stella is adorable! It must have been fun to watch her :) And I had to smile at your daughter drinking her hot cocoa while wearing a scarf.

You have created some very special memories this summer and I appreciate you sharing them with us. Hugs to you!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

These are wonderful and sweet memories filled with so much love and happiness. I hope your friend finds a home nearby and that you get to see your old friends soon. I love that you have so many old and treasured friendships. The girls had a fun summer and must be excited to start a new school year! xx Karen

mamasmercantile said...

What a beautiful post filled with lots of lovely friends and family visits wonderful memories to recount at a later stage. Hope all goes well going back to school.

Katie Clooney said...

Jill... what happy photos! I smiled looking at every one of them. Great before and after with the mascara! Enjoy your weekend.

Wendi said...

What a blessing it is to have lasting friendships! It looks like you new place is the place to be. Enjoy the last few days of summer break!

Camille said...

What a GREAT summer full of wonderful people and times...what a blessing! It's crazy how FULL summer can get, isn't it? I always think I will have time for this or that, and then the calendar gets overcrowded...but, it's always good, isn't it? Happy new school year to you all...we begin the day after Labour Day. Hugs, Camille

Pam said...

Your daughter is adorable, very cute and sounds very ambitious. And Stella is near perfect as is Patches! Hope your friend moves close to you.

Summer said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Love that doggie and your photos ♥

Vee said...

Summertime company is so much fun! How cold is your house anyway? Love the photo of your daughter and Stella wearing those grins. Too cute!

Julie said...

You have had such an awesome summer. I love that you share all of this with us. It's just truly wonderful. Your girls are growing up so fast.
Take care Jill and have a great rest of the week.

Blondie's Journal said...

You had a wonderful summer as we can all see from your photos. And you have a lovely family. Your little pup just tickles me...what sort of breed is that little ball of fur?


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, I sure loved my visit and always enjoy the adventures in your world.
Little Stella is an adorable puppy. Love seeing all the fun in pics you've enjoyed this summer with family and friends.
Thank you for sharing that last quote too. It's so true.
Have a great weekend. Blessings, xo

Barb said...

Hi Jill!

I've been "out of order" for a few months, and I must say I've missed your blog, especially, Kathleens beautiful smile! You look like your summer has been filled with friends, family and memory making...perfect!!!