Monday, August 8, 2016

Mason Jar Craft and Breanne's Last Couple Days of Visiting

Breanne, Hayley's best friend has already flown back to PA. and we are missing her... catching up on another post from when she was here.

The girls made some new shirts out of the ones they found at the yard sales and got creative with it. :-)

Hayley made this cactus and used special glue to attach it to one of the yellow shirts she found. It turned out really cute. The pot is a pocket :-)

They also wanted to do another craft with mason jars, that was easy to do and turned out really cool. They each got a mason jar, added glue and food coloring to it and painted the inside of the jar and then let it dry.

                                                                    Working intently.... :-)

               They turned out really cute! You can use them for storing things or holding flowers, etc. :-)

As we were walking around the last day before Breanne was leaving, we found a lot of feathers in the yard.

And a random egg laying in the yard. Sadly our other eggs didn't make it.... this one we tried but after candling it didn't develop either.

We did have a dry spout and our pond was really getting low but lately we have been having quite a bit of rain so hopefully it will fill back up.

                                                   Of course selfies had to be taken!! ;-)

They also took some time to hang out on the porch for awhile and talk. Knowing their summer of fun was coming to a close....

                        A little bit of silliness..... we miss you Breanne until next year.....


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McVal said...

Awe! I always hated to see my long distance friends leave too...