Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review of Cuppa Magic Relaxing Sleep Tea #sleeptea

Each day I enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. It's a nice, calming way to unwind from the long day. Sometimes throughout the day I will enjoy iced tea as well. Being a long time tea drinker I am always looking for new flavorful teas to try and was looking forward to completing this review.

This relaxing sleep tea from Cuppa Magic was a perfect choice to add to my hot tea collection each evening. :-) It arrives in a sealed, reclosable pouch with 14 individual fragrant tea bags inside.

I brewed a cup and put it in one of my favorite tea cups and went outside to enjoy the beautiful morning with a delicious cup of tea and a good book. :-)

This tea has all natural organic ingredients that help with relaxation and improving your mood. No artificial preservatives to worry about and it had a nice flavor to it.

                                                            (Photo credit: Cuppa Magic)

                                                           (Photo credit: Cuppa Magic)

                                                            (Photo credit: Cuppa Magic)


              * I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. *

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~ Noelle said...

I know how much yall love your tea time :)
I have been looking to get Savannah a little play tea set for when she gets a little older. Lol,I found one and bought it (to put up for Christmas) but when it arrived. WOW - TEENY TINY. Like, her baby dolls could use it. But I still want to find one for her to use.. how sweet!
Glad you had a nice tea to relax to. I need to find a happy medium for me. I like tea, but I get frustrated waiting for it to steep.