Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Refreshment!

On July 4th weekend we decided to take a drive and check out some pool places. Kathleen was having a blast relaxing in this chair at one of the locations. ;-)

They also had this these cool chairs out front and you know I just had to get a picture. Although climbing in them proved to be a little challenging! LOL!

We chose a pool we liked a 27' above ground and in a few days the process began! This is the first group clearing the land.

                                                          Piles of sand ready to be leveled out.

                               Kathleen's hand, you know kids love sand; no resisting it! ;-)

                                                  Beautiful clouds on a very hot day!

When the second crew came out we had temperatures near 100! They were really working hard and I give them credit because there was no way I would last in heat like that!

The end results waiting for the pool to fill several days and then getting the water ready were worth it! Kathleen is in her glory having her own pool!

                                            Jerry enjoys a nice swim after a long day at work!

                              The one thing they do not do is take care of all the extra dirt!

So our girls and Breanne when she was visiting helped moved the dirt so we could all enjoy the pool!

                   All three girls were a huge help! We miss Breanne's smiling face everyday!

             They were quite happy cooling off in the pool after the hard work was finished!

I think we will have many years of enjoyment out of this pool and with the temperatures here it is just perfect! We have plans to add a deck and more, but for now we are enjoying getting cooled down throughout the day! :-)



McVal said...

YAY!!!! A new pool!!! Awesome... My family had one growing up. My brother built a deck for it out of an old wooden round spool that was probably used to roll up electrical cables or something. All was well and good until somehow the side caved in and the yard was flooded. But until then, we had a blast making artificial circular waves.

Patti said...

You will love having your own pool! We had one when we lived in Florida, and it was so much fun. We virtually lived in and around the pool for months.

Have a great evening,

Wendi said...

How fun! It will be quite refreshing with that NC heat.