Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Wonderful Saturday Out With an Unexpected Twist!

On Saturday, August 27th; the day after my birthday.... we decided to spend the day out looking at some little shops in town. The girls were excited as they enjoy antiques, crafts and more and so do we!

   Kathleen certainly looks the part of the perfect southern belle sitting on our front porch swing.

 We found a little coffee shop in town and they had another pig out front, so of course we had to get pictures. Pretty cool finding them and seeing all the different artwork.

This mural was inside the coffee shop and Kathleen just loved the chickens as she misses ours so much!

This was one of the visitor centers but it wasn't open so we just took a picture of the pig through the window, lol.

Jerry also surprised me by suggesting we go look at a new van and trade my other one in. After the accident we just weren't feeling safe in it anymore after the repairs. So we traded it in for a new 2017 Toyota Sienna and I just love the color. :-) I've always loved this color for a van and have been wanting it forever :-) I'm very happy with it and we had a wonderful experience at the dealership!

We found a lovely local market with fresh meats, eggs, fruit, veggies and more! Always a joy to find these treasures nearby and to support small businesses! Notice we found local brown eggs?? Until we get chickens again it will work perfectly!!!

Unfortunately while we were out and about Hayley developed an allergic reaction to something but we are unable to pinpoint exactly what caused it and her lip swelled up really bad. We gave her benadryl but it kept getting worse so we spent most of the evening at the emergency room. They loaded her up with prednisone and benadryl and made sure there were no breathing difficulties :-( Since then we have been having a horrible time trying to get the hives under control and she hasn't been feeling well overall. Now she is on Allegra and a few other medicines and yesterday I took her to a new allergist and they sent her for blood work. Anxiously awaiting results as prior we have been to the pediatrician and  ENT specialist and no answers. Please keep her in your prayers that we soon find an answer and some relief for her!

Below is an assignment Hayley had for Spanish to represent the 4 seasons in some way that she wanted and she loves  Volkswagen bugs... so she created this gorgeous painting.... I absolutely love it and so did her teacher. :-) As soon as she gets it back we are framing it and hanging it up. She is truly a talented young artist.

Hope all is well with everyone, been super busy here with Hayley's health issues and the start of school, extra activities and launching my business and so much more! Hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs soon! :-)



mamasmercantile said...

Hoping Hayley is feeling better and that they establish the cause. She certainly is one talented young woman her picture is amazing.

Wendi said...

Haley's picture is great and I certainly hope she gets answers and feels better. Nothing worse then your baby not feeling well and you can't make it better. :( It looks like you live in a lovely little town.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! Hope that Haley is feeling better, soon.....Allergic reactions are pretty scary! She's a wonderful artist! Love seeing Kathleen in the pretty hat and all the fancy pigs. Seattle did something similar with pigs for charity, as we have a 'big pig' at the Pike Street Market, which determined the theme. Hope all goes well with the start of school and your new business. Hugs xo Karen

Patti said...

Wow, Hayley's picture is amazing! What an awesome artist she is!

I'm so sorry about the allergic reaction. That's so scary. I do hope the new allergist is able to provide some answers.

Kathleen is Southern Belle perfect with that hat. Love it!

Oh, and happy late birthday to you. I hope this next year of your life is filled to overflowing with all things beautiful.


Camille said...

It's a frightening thing to not know what it is you are dealing with in the health of your children. So sorry you are going through this with Hayley! I am praying for you all as you navigate this path. On a happier note....Hayley is an amazing artist! Hugs to you! Camille

McVal said...

Holy painted pig! I hope Hayley is feeling better by now!
And love that hat...

Laura Lane said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of your daughter. She's a beautiful girl and she positively glows in her photos. May God bless her with long life, a close relationship with Jesus, and a godly man to marry until death parts them. All in Jesus' Name I ask. Amen.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Sonya Ann said...

I hope that she is better soon and you find out what it is! We had the same problems with DJ. It was red dye with him. Life with kids is a beautiful monster. One moment life is good and the next you are at the ER. I always found it astonishing.
Congrats on the new van!!

Debby Ray said...

Welcome to Lexington....pigs on every! Those are some darling little pigs, by the way! I sure hope that allergic reaction doesn't return...that sounded just awful! And it looks like you have a true artist in the family...your girl did an awesome job on that project! I love VW bugs too and how wonderfully unique were here drawings! I'd absolutely be framing that too! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow, that art work is amazing! Praying you'll get answers for Hailey's reaction. So scary! Love the pigs :) So happy you were able to get a new van. God has certainly blessed your family. I hope you are all having a wonderful fall!