Friday, October 7, 2016

Spirit Week, Picture Day and Enjoying the Fall Evenings

If you follow me on Instagram you will recognize a couple of these pictures. Hayley's homecoming and spirit week is this week and she dressed up as a nerd, her inspiration was Erkel... lol anyone remember him from the show Family Matters? I used to love watching it when I was younger.

                                                                  (Both are Google Images)

I teased her hair up on top and made it messy, good thing I had all that experience from growing up in the 80's LOL!

Kathleen had her picture day this week and chose her own outfit for it. She looked so beautiful, can't wait to see how they turned out. :-)

It is still quite warm here in the south and I am surprised how well my plants are blooming and thriving on my front porch for it being October already! Never would have happened in Ohio! ;-)

              We are enjoying the evenings and walking our dogs around our yard and pond.

Skippy has been in his glory running his heart out, we have to keep him on a leash as well as our other dogs because they love to run and then they end up lost... so we keep them on leashes for their safety. We also have some very hungry hawks keeping a look out!

                                     Hayley wearing her Stitch hat and walking Patches :-)

Skippy loves to jump in the water and he tries to reach the ducks. Here is a video of him and Kathleen and you can hear the trains in the background. I just love it here....

This is one of my absolutely favorite pictures of the night, how they are running and her hair is all out.... :-)

Don't worry we'd never let him reach the ducks, but they are pretty tough they don't seem phased by him at all! Probably thinking silly dog, you'll never catch us we can fly! LOL

Our pond is really low, we could use more rain as it has been a dry summer. It's actually like a small beach has formed!

Jerry was enjoying some time to wash and clean out his truck. It has been on his to do list for quite some time!

                                                           Skippy enjoying his swim!

                                                                        So lovely out...

        Kathleen loves listening and dancing to Elvis in the mornings before going out to the bus :-)

Another part of spirit week was character day so Hayley represented the Incredibles and made her own sweatshirt. I was dropping Kathleen off at her dance class and just had to get a selfie of the 3 of us.

Kathleen made these napkins holders for my mom's party that she is having this weekend coming up. My mom sent me this photo of them lined up on her arm :-) She made them out of Rainbow loom bands.

As I previously mentioned I am now an independent presenter for Younique cosmetics and I just love owning my own international makeup company! My link is in the side bar if you'd like to look over the products we offer. :-) I created this picture the other day featuring the benefits of our uplift serum. Absolutely love the results and as you see my youth came back pretty quickly, lol ;-)

Have an amazing weekend and prayers going out to all those being affected by hurricane Mathew!!! Stay safe!!!



McVal said...

LOVE the spirit week outfits! My older two got into it more than Meri has. She did her freshman and sophomore year, but not so much this year at all...
Oh well.
Also love that photo of Kathleen running and the hair. awesome.

mamasmercantile said...

Wonderful to see the family enjoying the Autumn evenings around the lakes. Good luck with your new company.

Barb said...


I love your pond, and your photos of the kids with your sweet, Skippy are just too cute!!

I also loved your post on Guitars. My grandson is a wonderful guitarist, he taught himself, and now plays with a band! He's amazing, and is also taking a jazz class in school - he is a senior in high school this year.

Enjoy your beautiful fall days! Isn't it funny how the flowers are so much more beautiful when the weather gets cooler!?


Jean | said...

Jill, your girls are adorable! And you're a hoot with your uplift serum before and after shots! :D

Nonnie said...

I absolutely love your beautiful place. Such fun for your family and the dogs. Those little dogs are so funny. They think they're so tough! ;-) I especially like the photo of Kathleen with her hair flying out, too. But the one of you with her daughter's is pretty.

Katie Clooney said...

Love your pictures at the end!!! I just watched your video with the mascara and I can't believe how much you remind me of my friend and guess what her name is! Jill!! Love little Skippy in the water. I had a yorkie who lived til he was 17 and he hated to go in the pool. What a gorgeous area you live in!! Your girls are darling. Have a wonderful weekend!

Debby Ray said...

It surely looks like your family is enjoying your home here in NC...I mean, who wouldn't right? What a beautiful piece of property you have! Enjoy your weekend, Jill!

NanaDiana said...

What a fun idea to do a Spirit Week! Love it. It will be fun to see the school pictures....the girls are really growing up fast....too fast for you, I'm sure. Great pictures and it does look quite warm where you are still. xo Diana

Sonya Ann said...

She is WAY cuter than Erkel!!!!Spirit week was always so much fun!!!! And I agree with NanaDiane, your girls are growing up so fast.

Camille said...

A pond is a kid's and dog's favourite thing, I think. What fun that you have your very own. :) I had to smile at your ad regarding the youth serum...too cute. Hugs, Camille