Friday, December 9, 2016

Kathleen turns 11 and Thanksgiving :-)

My girls are my everything..... and every year we save up to give them special birthday memories. Kathleen had been wanting Leah from American Girl, a nature lover...she just "had" to have her. The savings paid off when she tore into that paper and saw her in the box. The joy....that smile.... so worth it!

       We also got Leah's pet, a sloth... it's pretty adorable my little girl with the big smile!

For her birthday we planned a dinner and celebration at the American Girl bistro and store as well as a sleepover after wards. Kathleen set up some of her dolls and accessories in the basement as that is where they wanted to sleep.

           We added a few balloons along the driveway and she wore her special birthday shirt :-)

My baby turned 11 years old! How is it possible that it goes by so very fast? She's such a joy to be around, loves nature, smart, kind, adventurous, fun loving and so much more!! I'm so very proud to be her mom!

                                  A family selfie that we thought actually turned out pretty well! ;-)

                           She invited several girls to her party, and they all had such a great time!

                                                                     In the party room.....

Hayley was a great sport with it all too. Not too long ago she loved American Girls just as much :-)

You can read her birthday at American Girl Here

                          Jerry was carrying the bags through the mall and struck a pose, lol!

The next morning I set up a tea party brunch and Jerry and I cooked breakfast/lunch for the girls. Including chocolate chip muffins! :-)

                                 This was Kathleen's special plate and we sang to her again. :-)

Kathleen's birthday is November 25th, so always close to or on Thanksgiving. This year we went back "home" to spend it with family and my sister hosted it this year. Everything was so nice!

           Hayley was able to have her best friend Breanne come and spend a few days with us. :-)

                                                It was so nice getting everyone together......

On her birthday my parents made her a special breakfast, then we went to visit a few people. I didn't get to take all the photos I wanted to as we were so rushed through the several days.

Sadly, Jerry's dad.... the man who raised him till he was 13 passed away Thanksgiving night. Jerry and I were with him. They were not related by blood but Jerry has a lot of respect and love for him. Now he is at peace and no longer suffering. :-( Never an easy thing to see..... We are so thankful we were able to be there to see him and say goodbye.

We popped in to say hi and get a quick selfie with another lady Jerry considers like a mom....

               Then off to uncle Garry's house to celebrate and model this awesome bow! ;-)

Garry and Lori gave Kathleen a special gift for her birthday and made her very, very happy!!!

                      Kathleen with another big smile getting her photo with uncle Garry :-)

Back at my mom's the next day our niece Gabrielle came to visit.... can't tell they are related can you?

Ashley came too....also considered our niece, though no blood relation. We love her just the same!!

                    Kathleen enjoyed hanging out with Stella, Nana and PopPop's new puppy!

(Photo credit to Eileen)

Then on the drive back with the 4 dogs and the 4 of us Owen was pretty tired out from all his adventures! :-)

We crammed a lot into a couple days, including more visits with family and friends but didn't get pictures. Sometimes it felt like we never got out of the van, lol. Stayed busy and even now being back still trying to catch up on sleep! But wouldn't change a thing as we miss everyone.

                               Have a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!!



Wendi said...

There is joy written all over the birthday girls face! Our babies are growing much too fast.

mamasmercantile said...

Sincere condolences. Certainly sounds like a great trip and a wonderful Birthday experience, they really do grow up so quickly.

Billie Jo said...

Happy birthday to your baby!
You always entertain in the best way!!!!
So nice to see your happy family celebrate together.
So sorry about your loss...
Blessings for a wonderful Christmas season!
Beautiful family selfie!

Viola Wharton said...

Hi Jill,

I'm so happy we have reconnected.
I can't believe how big the girls have gotten. I forgot how close in
age my Savannah and your Kathleen is. Savannah is 11 too. I remember when I was blogging when Kathleen started kindergarten.

I am just so happy to find your blog and keep in touch.


Carrie B. said...

Oh looks like such wonderful family memories! Happy belated to Kathleen!! I love the American Girl Doll stuff. Annie loved them for a long time, but then moved on from them last year and all of her stuff just sat. So we came up with the idea to give it all to some neighbor Gals that live by my Mom and don't have a lot of money. They were beyond thrilled!

Your Thanksgiving looked like such fun. Sympathies and prayers to Jerry about his Dad.

Have a wonderful weekend dear Jill! xoxo

NanaDiana said...

What a happy, happy looking girl she is..and I like that doll, too. I really like Leah, too. I still get the books for my grandgirls. I can't believe she is 11 already. She seemed so little when you first started blogging.
Happy Birthday to her and I hope you have a blessed weekend.
That is a GREAT family selfie. xo Diana

Katy said...

My baby just turned 11 too!!! :) It is so bittersweet, isn't it? Her joy over the doll is so sweet! And I LOVE that the doll's pet is a sloth! Oh, how I would love to own a sloth! :o) It seems as though she had a wonderful birthday with lots of special memories! How wonderful! :) Love your family selfie too!

Have a great week!
Katy :)

McVal said...

Happy Birthday to Kathleen!!!! My girls were so into American Girls too!

aimee said...

A very happy birthday to both of your girls! I am glad to see that they both had wonderful birthdays:)
Sorry to hear about your hubby's dad-sometimes it is those not related to us by blood who have the most influence on who we are. I am glad you could be there for his passing-it is not an easy thing to say goodbye to one you care about. Hugs!