Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 13 of the Whole 30 and a new creation from Kathleen #whole30 #januarywhole30 #cleaneating #rainbowloom

I realize the days have gotten away from me again as we had a busy weekend and our girls were home again today for Martin Luther King day. Wanted to take some time to catch up on what's been going on! It is Day 13 of the Whole 30 and we are still going strong and doing well!

This past weekend we travelled to Target and was looking for some healthy snacks to get us through when we are hungry and either wanting something quick, or we are out on the road and need a quick snack to hold us over until our next planned meal. :-) We picked p the following snacks to help us do that. You may note the Larabars...on the Whole 30 only certain ones are allowed. They are: cashew cookie, carrot cake, apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, coconut creme pie, banana bread and key lime pie. Some of the others contain vanilla extract which is considered alcohol on this diet... or another ingredient that you cannot have.

It is very important to read all the labels on your foods before purchasing. Even after completing the Whole 30 this should become a habit to help improve your health. :-) You'd be surprised how much sugar and artificial ingredients are in there!

The other items are freeze dried fruits, baked apple slices and other bars that are compliant. I must say they have really helped when I find myself getting really hungry and needing a quick fix! ;-)

I also experimented with unsweetened coconut milk. I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but I gave it a try and it was bearable, lol. The tea is Lipton Pure leaf tea bags in a peach flavor (all natural ingredients). The omelet has onion, mushrooms, salt and spinach in it. The sausage is a chicken apple sausage I found at Walmart, also very good!! Finally was able to find a sausage without pepper so I was quite happy about that!

My red grapes, always washed and ready to go for a quick, sweet snack!! Grapes are delicious as a frozen snack too if you keep a few in the freezer.

                                 This was a simple shrimp stir fry I made one evening too.

Kathleen has been making all kinds of new creations with her Rainbow Loom bands and most recently she made me this Tigger, which I absolutely love! She has her own little business selling them and I'm so proud of her!!

                                                      Aren't they both so precious ;-)

    Hayley enjoying some time with a very spoiled rotten Elvis!! :-) She is preparing for her final exams! Hard to believe the year is half over already! Where does the time go?

                                        And Mr. Blue Heron is back visiting our pond again....

                            What's new with you? How's your New Year starting off so far?

"If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."      ----Martin Luther King Jr.



mamasmercantile said...

The omelette looked wonderful, really tasty. You have done so well with this diet, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

Pamela said...

Good morning Jill,

I saw your link on Rachel's Living Better One Day at a Time sidebar. We, too, are on a Whole 30 journey. It's not our first but it will be the first one of a lifestyle change. Our first Whole 30 was wonderful - after 30 days, we had so much energy, slept better, lost whatever aches and pains we had, my husband's blood pressure dropped back into the normal range, not to mention the weight we both lost. Then we fell off the wagon big time and struggled to get back on. December 27, we decided enough was enough and we were going to make a success of it this time and make it a lifestyle change. We're on Day 22 today.

We love the coconut cream pie Larabars. We have been cooking from the Whole 30 cookbook and trying new recipes. We cooked Swiss chard for the first time the other night, as well as fresh shiitake mushrooms. Tonight's recipe features fresh cremini mushrooms - two types we've never purchased before.

It is amazing what you find when you read food labels. I can't figure out why there is sugar in beef broth and there are a lot of other things that are eye-opening.

Good luck on your Whole 30 journey. I've posted a little about it on my blog but I really need to do a Whole 30 post every week or so as an update.

Have a great week!

Hena Tayeb said...

looks great.. good for you!

NanaDiana said...

I have tried the Lara bars but I have to say that for ME they create sugar cravings...not good. One of the things that has helped me is slicing an apple and microwaving it with apple pie spices on it and a bit of nuts dumped on top. That gets me through sometimes. I am still on plan, too, although doing the phase of Whole 30 that comes after the first 30 days- so you add a few extras in. Glad you are doing so well!
Kathleen's little creature is darling. xo Diana

Dianna said...

So proud of Kathleen and her own little business of selling her creations. Tigger is so cute!

Blue Herons are so graceful in their own sort of way.

Carrie B. said...

Great job Girlie! I bet you're feeling great too - having all that proper nutrition in your diet. ;)

I keep chugging away here too. My big focus is having healthier snacks prepped and ready always too (our downfall over here). Upping my exercise. Cooking healthier meals. Using better portion control at meals. Drinking more get the idea. All the things I always know I should be doing, but really giving myself more of a focus and it then in turn trickles down to my family and they're are eating healthier too. Win-win, right?

And I love how enterprising Kathleen is being - go Girl! That tigger is adorable. :)

Blessings Hon! xoxo

Amy at love made my home said...

You are having some very tasty meals! Glad you are enjoying them!

McVal said...

I've never seen such cute loom creations before! We always just make pot holders that no one really needed...
Is pepper not on the whole 30? Or do you just not like it?