Thursday, January 26, 2017

Discover how amazing creating music can be!

If you are a music lover and enjoy working with different variations of sound, you may want to check out this software bundle from KOMPLETE 11 This bundle is for professional production scoring and sound design and is used by many top music professionals in the industry.

                                                    (Photo from Musician's Friend website)

When visiting the website, be sure to click on the video for sound demonstrations and more detail of what this product can offer. It includes 45 products, 155 GB of content and all genres and production tasks. Not a bad deal for taking your business to the next level!

                                                  (Photo from Musician's Friend website)

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music and found the demonstration video quite interesting. It is really neat how everything gets linked together and transformed into a wonderful sound. So many different possibilities to choose from.

                                                       (Photo from Musician's friend website)

If you are a music lover or know someone who may be, this KOMPLETE 11 is worth checking out!

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Dianna said...

This looks like an amazing bundle...and I do enjoy music, but I think I'm a bit deficient when it comes to technical things. Thank you so much for sharing about the bundle though.

McVal said...

COOL! I know my kids would LOVE something like this...