Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guitar player? Consider Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars from Musician's Friend #guitar #musiciansfriend #ernieball

One of the best things about music is how it speaks differently in it's interpretation to each of us. We hear a song or a piece of music and it will touch us in a particular way that may not be the easiest to explain to others. We just know it's reached our soul and told a story. One of my all time favorite songs, for the absolute shear beauty of it, is Amazing Grace. A beautiful creation of it by the Celtic Woman on YouTube is just one I have to share if you haven't seen it before. It will truly touch your soul.

Not only does music have the ability to move us, it shapes us and helps define those small pieces of ourselves. For some that may be classical or pop and to others maybe hip hop, rap, or even rock and roll. Whatever the preference may be personally....we are in some way touched or moved by the music we hear. Whether it be positively or negatively as pertaining to our emotions. I have an appreciation for all types of music. The guitar has always had a way of drawing me in with a talented artist.... and for those blessed enough to be able to play one properly ( I however haven't taken those lessons so I will spare you my playing UN abilities, lol) check this out at MusiciansFriend There is a wonderful selection of Ernie Ball guitars, just beautifully constructed with many styles to choose from. I particularly was drawn to the Turquoise color as I love everything that points to be Vintage whether or not it actually is ;-)

Another model featured is the Majesty and this is an example of one that is available. You can notice the difference in the design between the two.

In this YouTube video you can see John Petrucci demo his Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty. Very nice instrument!

I also found another great demo on YouTube by Cooper Carter, who plays really well and thought I'd also share so you can really hear and see how this particular guitar is made. Although there are many in different price ranges to choose from and meet your current needs as an artist. :-)

                                                          What type of music moves you?


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Dianna said...

What an excellent post, Jill! What I am finding in my own life is that we seem to be born with something deep within us that reflects our heritage. For instance, much of my ancestry goes back to Wales and England and my husband's ancestry goes back to Scotland/Ireland. The instrument that stirs both our hearts is the bagpipes! We go to a Highlands Festival every year and one of the things we love is being able to hear the bagpipes playing all day. SO...thank you for sharing the Celtic Women video. I hit the button to make it go full screen so that my husband who was sitting on the other side of the room could see it, too.

Another area that I find that our ancestry tends to come through is in our foods...remember all of those goodies I've been making from my British Baking baking book? Hmmm....I'm guessing the reason that we enjoy those foods so much is because of our heritage. When I eat something that was made from a recipe from Wales I think of my grandfather and understand better why he liked certain foods.

Thank you for this post!