Monday, February 20, 2017

Busy Weekend! Birds, Ducks, Flowers and More!

We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous weekend this past weekend and we stayed busy and just enjoyed being outside!! While we had to run out a couple times to get supplies, we drove by this  New York pizza restaurant we'd never been to and thought we'd pop in and get a quick dinner. This area is where you can sit and watch them through the glass making the pizzas and more. Kathleen loved watching them make it all from scratch and tossing the dough in the air. She wanted to stay all night and I will say the pizza was pretty amazing!

We also stopped by one of my favorite little antique shops in town and she was just getting ready to leave, but stayed because a couple things caught my eye... This bird bath was only $20.00! A nice addition to the back yard :-)

She also had this old wheel barrow for just $30.00 and I have been wanting one for awhile to plant flowers in and was so excited to find it. Jerry drilled a couple of small holes in the bottom for me so it would drain properly and we purchased some potting soil and pansies from Lowes.

     Kathleen always loves helping to plant and other things around the yard so she jumped right in!

I placed one of my statues in the middle of it to add to it and I really like the way it turned out. :-)

The chair I had out there last year was falling apart (it was wooden) so I thought this would be a nice replacement and last for awhile.

I still have my other metal antique chair in my other garden area and we added some of the leftover flowers to that one and another one of my statues. This chair will last for many years.

We love our ducks and we know it's getting to be time for them to lay eggs again. Last year none of the eggs survived, even when we tried in an incubator after she abandoned them. Kathleen would love to have baby ducklings this year and kept asking Jerry about building a duck house.

Finally we had some time this weekend to work on it. Here is Jerry creating the base as he had the idea to put it on a platform over the pond to deter other critters from going in there.

           Kathleen got down and dirty on this project too. Mud all over her hands and face, lol.

Hayley was a big help too, carrying things and getting it all put into place. She got right down in the mud along side of Jerry..... and I took lots of pictures, lol. ;-)

I had suggested to Jerry about finding an old dog house to use as the duck house instead. That would save him some time and also last awhile being plastic. So luckily we found one on a yard sale site for only $15.00!!! If you've ever priced those in the store, you know that's a great deal.

Kathleen bless her little heart was determined to carry the whole bale of straw over to put in the duck house and even though it was a little heavy and about as tall as her, she managed to get it over there. :-)

       So proud of both my girls and how they pitch in to help us and take pride in all that they do!

                               All done and we have a very happy little girl on our hands :-)

                         Jerry built the ramp too so they could walk up it out of the water.

That's a neighbor's house behind them. Most of the property of ours backs up to their back door. It used to be one property all together with ours but that is a long story for another day...

The ducks were very curious the whole time and kept coming over to see what we are doing. We really hope when it is time they will nest in there and have some protection.

Jerry also put in the pole out front and mounted the bird feeder on it that he had made me for Christmas. I was super happy to see it go up :-)

    As you can see it holds a lot of bird seed!! So won't have to fill it up for awhile :-) I will probably paint the pole while just to have it all match a little better. He did such an amazing job putting it together for me, I love it!

So that was part of our weekend in a nutshell... I've been busy reorganizing the house and Kathleen's room. We still have some boxes to unpack and sort from the move but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. :-) We have lots of projects on our list too I'll be sharing with you as we complete them. I sure am loving this weather! What did you do this weekend?



Wendi said...

It seems there are never enough hours in the day. :) My Megan and K would get along well. M loves to help... and get dirty! I enjoy productive weekends. I hope the ducks nest for you.

Billie Jo said...

You guys are amazing!
Your family is so wonderful at doing things together...
And your hubby is quite handy!
Is your weather all spring like from now on?
We have spring weather here, but will return to colder temps by the weekend. : )

Dianna said...

I loved reading about your weekend, Jill. Your girls are it that they are always willing to pitch in and do what they can. All of your finds are amazing! You got a real steal on that dog house! I love how your family all works together to get projects done...and your husband is such a blessing the way he doesn't shy away from the camera so that you can give him credit for all he's done. That bird feeder he made you for Christmas is BEAUTIFUL! And, please, tell Kathleen how pretty she looks with her hair down. She is starting to look more and more grown up in just the little bit of time since I met you.

Have a wonderful remainder to your week! The weather here was gorgeous today!

mamasmercantile said...

A wildlife paradise. It is lovely to see you all working together to enhance your already beautiful garden. Loved the pansies in the wheelbarrow.

Carrie B. said...

OH it is just SO much fun to see what you folks will be up to next!! Your house truly looks like you live in your own park!! I love all of the touches you've been adding and keeping up with you on IG too! ;) I think my favorite is the wheelbarrow with the pretty statue among the flowers.

I can't wait to see what you'll do next and I'll say a prayer the baby ducks stay safe and you have some this year!!

Thanks for sharing all you do - just love it and your sweet little family. Blessings to you all dear Jill. xoxo

Linda said...

What a marvelous weekend you had!! You got a boatload of work done! I love seeing your property and all that you are doing on it!

My my! I have wheelbarrows! They live in the uninhabitable part of Louis Dean's side of the back yard. Perhaps I can claim one! What a great idea to use it for a planter!

I'm missing the country! Last time we were there I found a duck egg on the ground by the big tank. Sherry has an incubator she made herself! Since they have peacocks she is hoping to get more. None of the peacock eggs made last year. Maybe this year!

I love your blog and seeing your family! I must visit more often!!!

McVal said...

Holy Cow! You guys are handy!!! And I have never heard of a duck house before... amazing...

Anonymous said...

Jill, your flower arrangements are so sweet. Love the birdbath especially!

Barb said...

Wow, you guys had a very busy weekend! I really love your antique finds - here in Idaho that bird bath would have cost at least $100.00, and the old wheelbarrow would still be in use, we never give those things up... :0)

I love your pond! I have never seen a duck house - it's brilliant, and I hope you get some cute little ducklings. So good to see Spring in your part of the world - we had a snow storm today!

Tell Kathleen to keep smiling, it's infectious!


Leaon Mary said...

Jill, your family and little duckys .... what a wonderful life!
That pond looks huuuuge! Everything is so beautiful there and I loved your little planted wheelbarrow! Yall have a sanctuary right there!