Monday, February 27, 2017

Lovely Gift From a Blog Friend, How To's and More!

I received a wonderful gift from my blog friend Dianna! When I mentioned on my blog how much I loved  SusanBranch's books but they were hard to come by, she reached out to me and said she had a couple and would I like to have them. I was so touched by the gesture and she sent them to me and it brightened my whole day! :-) Thank you so much Dianna! They will be in my collection a long time and then passed down to my girls one day. Take a moment to visit Dianna's lovely blog here  She is such a sweetheart!!

I was busy again this past week and one of my projects was to clean out both of our refrigerators and freezers and our pantry as I knew we were planning a trip to Sam's Club over the weekend. I like to do this every couple weeks to sort, deep clean and update my list of what's available in the freezer and pantry so I can make my meal plans. The refrigerator we bought for this house had to be a little smaller than I would have liked to fit the space available for it. Older homes didn't house the big refrigerators we see today. So my freezer space is quite limited even though we have 2 refrigerators. One we keep out in the garage. I bought these metal bins at Five Below to help keep food items in place. I found it was slipping through the bottom and did not work very well before I put these in place.

Here is a quick photo after I sorted it, but as you see still not a lot of room for meats, etc. Most of those are stored in our second fridge.

Our cats have been pretty comfy and cozy watching me work, lol. The one afternoon I was on my computer and Mirabelle climbed up in my lap and just kept staring at me, lol.

They are always watching the girls go off to school and keeping an eye on the squirrels and the birds out front. :-)

    Heading out this weekend we went through a couple thunderstorms but with lots of sunshine too!

                     Our dogwood tree in our front yard is blooming more and more each day!

Kathleen has been metal detecting all around the yard and finding all kinds of "treasures". She loves doing this so much. That's her little back pack she puts on and adds what she collects in there as she goes. :-)

As a sentimental mom I just had to take a couple pictures of Kathleen's favorite pair of boots. Hiking, metal detecting, exploring in the yard and woods.... you name it these shoes have been through it all! I finally had to convince her to let them go as the holes hd finally claimed them.... They are the most adorable shoes ever! They were very well loved :-)

Our friends Sam and Dawn were over one weekend and Sam helped Jerry with redoing our mailbox.

The old lady who lived here prior to us had a special request in to the post office to have the mailbox outside the front door because she couldn't get around very well. We recently learned that it had to be moved back to the end of our driveway by request of the post office. They considered it a hardship to come in our circle drive to deliver it and had to pay their drivers extra.... So luckily I have a very handy husband who knew what to do! A little time on the weekend and it was good to go.

                                      Here's a video on how to remove it from one location.

                          And.... another video on how to reinstall it on a post in the ground.

This little cutie is burning up the driveway on her own with lots of jump roping!! Burning a ton of calories and energy, lol!!

This past weekend Jerry cooked up chicken for the week and also for Sam, Dawn and Josh to enjoy dinner with us. Along with mashed potatoes, peas, corn and biscuits! Delicious!! I love that he enjoys cooking too and on Sundays he gives me a break and makes the meals all day. :-)

He also about gave me a heart attack climbing up in the tree and carrying a saw in his back pocket to cut down some dead limbs. I was so afraid he was going fall!

                            Thankfully Sam was there to hold the ladder and give him a hand.

We have also been working on our basement, getting it unpacked and there is a room down there that him and Hayley are sharing. He gets part man cave and she gets part jewelry designing area. :-) Once we get more completed I will share more photos. He built this shelf over the weekend to go in there.

                                                              Then painted it white....

Then tucked it into the spot he made it for. Soon it will be filled with the things that are important to them. :-)

Kathleen left this little surprise for me and ended up giving me a fabulous foot massage! I love how thoughtful she is and she knows my feet hurt me a lot.

More big news of the weekend, I took Hayley out to the school parking lot to practice driving!!! She did really well! She is in her last week of driver's ed and I know they will be taking them out on the road soon and I am so worried! I just don't trust all the crazy drivers out there today!

But I do have total faith and trust in my Hayley :-) She's a very responsible girl and I know she's going to do amazing.... meanwhile I will try to calm my nerves, lol. ;-)

                                                                Have a fabulous week!!!



mamasmercantile said...

Always a worrying time when they start driving, I was scared when my three daughters started to drive. Love the beautiful shots of your garden, a feast for the eyes.

Dianna said...

First of all, Jill, thank you for your kind words. I did not expect that and was so surprised when I began reading and realized it was me you were referring to. (hugs)

I love Kathleen's boots...they would have been my favorite too. They look so comfortable and feminine all at once!

Glad that your husband and friend were able to take care of moving the mailbox back out to the road. Reading that the post office requested it because it cost them more money for the mail carrier to come up to your door made me chuckle. Also glad that he decided to do that tree trimming job while his friend was there to help out with the ladder, etc. I know how scary those sorts of jobs can be for us wives.

Hayley and her dad will have fun sharing those nice shelves Jerry made! And congratulations to Hayley for where her efforts stand at present in getting her license. She will do great. I can tell by looking at her what a responsible young person she is. Such a good picture of her in the van!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Katharine said...

I always love visiting your corner of the world!

Leaon Mary said...

What a wonderful post!
Jill you gotta plant those adorable boots!! I hope you still have them!

Vee said...

You have a teenage driver now? How do these things keep happening so fast! Love those boots. Hope that she can find another pair just like them when the time comes...if it part with these. šŸ˜Š What a nice gift from Dianna. I enjoyed visiting her blog, too.

Billie Jo said...

Such a fun post, Jill!
I guys do so much!
Your hubby is quite handy.
Our mailbox is 12 years old, and looks it.
But I know there is NO way Steve is going to replace it himself!
Does your hubby make house calls?! : )

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Scary, a teenager driver...LOL I always was a wreck trying to teach them and ride along. Very cute boots...You can how much she loves them. You have been busy. The cats are adorable...What would we do without our fur babies. Blessings to you.