Thursday, March 16, 2017

On the Mend and Kathleen Plans a Harry Potter Breakfast Party :-)

I'm finally getting a few moments to do a new post. Whatever this virus is, it has not been fun and I haven't felt up to doing very much. On the 27 th of  March I also am having surgery so I'm trying to get rid of the cough, congestion and tiredness before then! I found this quote to be very true and just had to share. Jerry keeps telling me I need to rest so I can get better, but I also know having the surgery I will be down for a bit so I'm trying to get things done before hand. I don't think moms are very good with resting and slowing down, lol.

Kathleen surprised us the other weekend with planning out a Harry Potter themed breakfast. She took most of the following photos of different things she had planned out. As always she did a great job with her amazing creativity and imagination :-) Always puts a smile on my face.

               These were rolled up into scrolls so she set something on them to get good pictures.

In the bucket is some of the wands she made using pencils and Rainbow Loom bands, they turned out really cute, wish I had some better close up pictures of them.

She had signs all over the house to guide us through different things and tied in to what happens in the books and movies. We have the second part of the 7th movie to watch still :-)

                                                 She set the bank up in our guest room :-)

                                          Love this picture, she's so stinkin adorable!!!

           This was to enter the dining room. Have you read and/or seen the Harry Potter movies?

                     She even displayed the secret notes and made the seals on the back herself!

She set the table and told me she could only find my Christmas tablecloth, lol ;-) It works fine though.

                                   She had Jerry help her make spectacle shaped pancakes!!

Here's another photo of her with her wand and the hat she is wearing is the one she made :-) Great job as always Kathleen, wish we had even more pictures of all the activities, but we got wrapped up in the moment. Thank you for such a special breakfast and for always being so thoughtful!! I know you and  Hayley read my blog now and you know how very much I love you and all that you do!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be visiting blogs today as much as I can. Have a wonderful day!!!



McVal said...

I was WONDERING where you were! I'm glad you're on the mend. The flu has been yucky this year.
And what a sweetie you've got... I saw about 1/2 of the Harry Potter movies and my kids and hubs read all the books. Maybe someday I'll get back into them.

Katie Clooney said...

Hi Jill... so glad you're feeling better. That darling Kathleen is so creative. I love the invites, signs, and table. Sorry you have to have surgery and hope it's not serious, but I feel you will be in good hands with Kathleen. Feel better.

Linda said...

Your daughter is such a joy! So lovely AND creative! What FUN!!!
I sincerely hope and pray you are well before your surgery and will add you to my prayer book list.
I am sorry you have to not only get well - but have surgery and begin recovery. I know Summer is trying her best to stay away from sick people as she recovers from her back surgery!

Dianna said...

YAY! It is so good to see a blog post up from you today, Jill. Praying for you to completely recover from whatever it is that you've been dealing with so you will be all well for your surgery.

Kathleen did another spectacular job with doing the Harry Potter breakfast for the family. That girl is going to grow up and be a wedding planner! Haley is just as talented!


Julie said...

Good evening Jill. Your Kathleen is such an awesome girl and her imagination is wonderful. Creativity is really her thing. Love all this.
I am glad you are feeling better but worry about your upcoming surgery. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Keep getting better and post when you can. Thank you for sharing your awesome family.

Anonymous said...

Jill, how delightful! Kathleen is so creative. I love all the signs and decor and pancakes! Too cute!

I hope that you are on the mend. Praying for your healing and upcoming surgery.

Cranberry Morning said...

Looks like a fun birthday! So sorry you're not well. Sounds like you've got what my daughter has. It's nearly impossible to slow down when you've got a young family. Hoping, though, that you can get some rest before your surgery and that all will go well on that front.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

You have the sweetest girls, Jill, you are truly blessed! Kathleen is so creative and thoughtful. I love the theme, although I have not seen the movies, I plan on reading the books one of these days. I've collected the first 3. My kids were grown by the time they came out so we missed out.....I hope you continue to feel better and that your surgery goes well with a quick recovery. I know your daughters will take good care of you. Thank you for your kind condolences for our pup, Peanut. Rest and take care. xo Karen

Carrie B. said...

Oh I just love this so much!! I'm a total "Harry Potter nerd" (as my kiddos refer to me) Lol! I have read all of the books - some more than once. And have seen all the movies - some more than 10 times! haha! So this breakfast went straight to my heart. What a great job Kathleen - and so clever! ;)
PS: the 4th book and movie were my favorite - how's about you?

Sending hugs and prayers for you to feel so much better Jill...and please take it easy before your surgery!
Blessings. xoxo

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm sorry you are down for the count, Jill. I know you feel you need to tie up loose ends before your surgery but its always important to go into surgery as healthy as you possibly can so please, take it easy!

I love the party theme and decorations! Isn't it funny how great kids can be creatively. I always let my girls decorate and choose paint colors for their rooms. I would be a little leery but it always looked great.

I've never read the Harry Potter books or have seen the movies. I can't keep up with the books I have and want so I don't think that's going to happen any time soon!

Take care.

Jane x