Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Participating in The Enchanting Rose Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

Hi everyone! If you haven't already had the pleasure of visiting Stephanie's amazing blog you don't know what you're missing! She is hosting a tea cup and mug exchange that is open to everyone, even if you don't have a blog. It's a wonderful way to meet new people and form lasting friendships. Click here for all the details and to sign up to participate. The photo link in my sidebar will also take you directly to her blog and all the important information.

Stephanie is a wonderful lady and quite talented with a lovely Etsy shop she manages too. Even if you are unable to do the exchange stop by and say hi to her :-) I'll be participating this year and looking forward to meeting new people!



Stephanie said...

You are such a sweetheart, Jill, and oh my, what kind and gracious words you wrote! Thank you so much for mentioning the exchange on your blog. I am thrilled to have you joining the exchange this time around and I sincerely hope you have a delightful time :)

Hugs and joy to you!

Dianna said...

I know you will enjoy your time preparing for this fun exchange, Jill. Stephanie is such a gracious lady.

Anonymous said...

Jill, how exciting! I participated a few years ago and hope to again soon. Stephanie does such a lovely job of organizing it. Enjoy!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is awesome, Jill :) I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh this sounds like such fun! I drink tea everyday and think I will join the fun. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments.

Hena Tayeb said...

That sounds like such a fun event. Enjoy!

Kat White said...

Hi Jill

Thanks for visiting a few ago my blog...well maybe a month now. I know Stephanie, she is sweet. I love her blog.
I'll have to pop over there.
Your daughters are growing up! They are cute as ever. Hugs