Sunday, March 26, 2017

Upcoming Surgery and Odds and Ends Thoughts :-)

Today I have been finishing up different projects around my home, prepping lunches for the girls, tending to my plants, enjoying the outdoors and more as I prepare for my surgery tomorrow (Monday). I have been so nervous about it and though my faith is strong, it has been hard to ease my mind.... 

I noticed when I opened Blogger to prepare my post today that I had some messages from new bloggers I hadn't yet met before. Sending me the warmest, kindest wishes. People I've never met, yet they are praying and sending kind words... my heart is full. Many said they came from Diana's post (you can read it here) about my upcoming surgery and a prayer request she did for me and my family. Then there were tears in my eyes as I read.... Diana is an amazing lady who always sees the best of things in life and is always thinking of others. Her words truly touched me and I thank you so much Diana. You have no idea how much your friendship means to me and I will always treasure it. Thank you to all who have added my family and I to your prayers, I truly appreciate it. :-)

My family does not live nearby and it makes it hard when situations like surgeries, etc. come up and we can't be together. My sister Kim sent me this beautiful flower arrangement with the sweetest card to let me know she's thinking about me. She knows how very much I love my flowers :-)

My sweet Bella has been curling up with me and offering comfort as well. If only she could come stay with me in the hospital too... but we have 3 more dogs, plus 2 cats so they wouldn't want to be left behind, but I don't think the hospital will approve. ;-)

I've planted some hardy flowers such as the pansies and primroses to jump start the season. Our last frost is usually April 15th, so after that time more will be added :-)

I found this lovely arrangement in our local grocery store and I have it sitting inside to keep it from the cooler temperatures and it's doing wonderful! Hydrangea are one of my favorite flowers!

I've got a project I'm working on for my garden, so as soon as my healing is over I will be updating my garden plans! Here's a sneak peek ;-)

I found this beautiful little girl statue at our local garden store and just had to have her. Then we found discounted knock out roses at Lowes for $7.00 a piece and Jerry planted the roses for me as a surprise to get my rose garden started! This statue is perfect for the location. I LOVE them so much! :-)

I also picked up some of the herbs I will be putting them in my outdoor planters as soon as I can weather wise. Nothing like cooking with fresh herbs :-)

   My little Kathleen had western day at school the other day and dressed up so cute for it. :-) :-) :-)

Here are a few pictures of the rose garden. Since they were discounted at Lowes, they weren't watered the best, so they had some neglect to them and yellowing leaves. We have been treating them with rose food/fertilizer so hoping they stay strong! I will post more photos throughout the season as they continue to bloom. :-)

                                             Did I mention how happy flowers make me? ;-)

I was also baking last week for Jerry's work like I usually do since I know I won't have much time to do it during my recovery. Chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon bun cupcakes :-)

Just had to get this picture of Kathleen sleeping with 2 of our 4 dogs the other night... their faces... please don't make us move mommy... lol. Love these moments... love my girls with all my heart......

Jerry has been working to rake up all the pine needles and add them to the base of the trees to clean up the yard a bit from the winter and all the crazy wind we've had. Looking so much better. He used a catcher on the back of the mower, then went around to spread it where he needed it.

I tell him I feel like Cinderella when I walk outside with all the beautiful birds, squirrels, chipmunks and more that greet me. :-) This is just the front yard...

I ordered some button down shirts and nightgowns since I won't be able to use my muscles that much after stomach surgery and Mirabelle was quite curious about what was in the packages. LOL.

Lots more to get done today, making sure the house is cleaned well, laundry done, etc. etc. I want to make sure my family is set up before I go. We have a good friend of ours staying with the girls and helping us out while I'm in the hospital so that helps ease my mind too. We are blessed. Thank you again for prayers and well wishes. They mean so very much to me.

Be back blogging as soon as I'm feeling up to it. :-) Emails may be delayed as well for awhile, but I will be back in touch with everyone soon.




The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Jill, I want you to know you will be in my prayers. You have a beautiful garden and I look forward to seeing how your roses do. That's great you were able to get a good deal and rescue plants that needed a home. I often do that to get a better price. Take care of yourself and know that your blogging friends have you in prayer. xo ♥

Wanda said...

Hi Jill, I'm one of your new friends and follower. How fun to read you post and get to know you a little better. Will be praying for your upcoming surgery, that God will grant you complete and quick recovery.
I just spent a month in Oregon taking care of our Jill after some surgery.

Your flowers are so lovely ~ I used to laugh and tell my friends I had a motto. "I buy fresh flowers and if there is any money left over, I pay the rent and buy groceries." Never late on rent ~ never gone hungry...guess it worked. HaHa.

I look forward to getting to know you even better. Love and Hugs

Dewena said...

Hello Jill, I came from Diana's too and am thankful she spreads the word when one of us needs special prayers. I've already stopped to pray for you and your surgery tomorrow.

Your Kathleen is darling! I'm sure she'll be a big help to you while you recuperate.

Best to all of you,

Eileen K. said...

Prayers for His peace today, tonight, and tomorrow.

marsha brown said...

Have been reading your lovely blog for a while. Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Billie Jo said...

PRAYERS and LOVE Jill...
Will off my rosary for you tomorrow!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hi Jill, I've come here from Diana's blog. During my devotional time this morning I talked to the Lord about you and your family, and especially about your surgery this morning. I asked Him to be right there with you through the whole thing, guiding the surgeon's hands and helping them to see with His sight. Isn't it comforting and encouraging to know there are other bloggers who share your faith and will pray for you? We are a special breed. :) Diana is a faithful servant who cares about the needs of others. I see we both have a love for flowers. Your sister's arrangement is gorgeous. I love your outdoor spaces. The rose garden is already pretty, and will just keep getting prettier and prettier. All the ornaments you've added to it are charming. I'm looking forward to seeing your flower and herb gardens in future posts, as I will be back to check on you. :) Gentle hugs, Nancy P.S. Kathleen is so cute. I love her sweet smile. Love the photo of her sleeping with the dogs. Much better to have the real things rather than stuffed animals. LOL

Hena Tayeb said...

Good luck with the surgery Jill.. will be thinking of you.
We stopped by a nursery over the weekend and picked up a few things as well.. COME ON SPRING!

Debby Ray said...

Jill, I want you to know that you and your family will be in my prayers. You are most like likely in surgery as I am typing these words. Just know that prayers are going up for you! Hoping to hear a good report soon...HUGS!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery to go well and your recovery prompt. God Bless you dear friend. xo

Gina said...

Praying for a quick easy recovery, Jill. Your puppies are so sweet and really don't want to get out of bed!

Dianna said...

Prayers have continued for you throughout the day today, Jill. Wish I was closer so I could help out.

Your flowers are amazing...and I love the rose garden.


Carol Slater said...

Prayers for you as you heal from your surgery. I love your daughter's outfit for western day. The dog is adorable! Your flowers are beautiful and I wish I had a green thumb. My grand doll bought me some flowers and they died almost instantly. UGH!!!

Karen Ann said...

Sending prayer and healing thoughts for a full and uneventful recovery- Diana sent us over :-)

Karen of This Old House 2

Beatrice Euphemie said...

God bless, Jill! By now you would have had your surgery and I am praying all went well and you will have a speedy recovery. Your wonderful family, sweet pets and beautiful flowers will be waiting for you when you come home. Not to mention, all of your blogging friends who will be thinking of you, too. Sending hugs and prayers for a quick recovery xo Karen

McVal said...

I hope and pray the surgery went well! How are you feeling?

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that all has gone well and that you are recovering well. Hugs to you.